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Simnia patula

(Pennant, 1777)

Andy Horton

Julia Nunn Simnia patula (old name)

Paula Lightfoot Dawn is this what you saw? I've only seen them in the south west, did you see them in Norfolk? I'll have to look out for them up here!

Becky Hitchin oh! wow, never seen that

Paula Lightfoot ah but is it S patula or S hiscocki...what will you put on your Seasearch form?!

David Kipling I thought S hiscocki was the one on pink sea fans? We collected some for Keith (under his licence) once :)

Keith Hiscock The pic. is of Simnia patula eggs. The snails are often in the 'armpits' of the dead mens fingers if you feel under the colony (no gloves though). Sometimes they are visible on the surface. Simnia hiscocki have smaller eggs that are laid on the tips of pink sea fan branches.

Tony Gilbert Agree Keith, this was the only shot I could get, as the camera housing couldn't get in there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyjgilbert-images/5083784299 Mine was taken at Loch Boisdale entrance (pinnacle) on Scottish West Coast. I didn't see any eggs. Quite rare.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 28 Jul 2012
Tamsyn MAnn Saw this down at Porthkerris (Cornwall). It looks like a type of chiton to me, but never seen one before. It was on a closed up Dead-man's Finger at about 19m down. Can someone ID please?

Marco Faasse Simnia patula, a snail whose mantle covers the shell, predator of dead man's fingers. Nice!

Tamsyn MAnn Thank you very much Marco!

Marco Faasse The sipho points downward. For photos look at: http://www.mapress.com/mr/content/v31/2011f/n3p175.pdf (yours is not the new species!).

Bernard Picton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ovulidae - they feed on octocorals, lots of nice species in tropical waters...

Tamsyn MAnn I think I've got one then from Lembeh Strait then... I've got a picture from ages ago of something I haven't been able to ID!!! Thanks!

David Kipling Simnia patula from Falmouth area today, 20-25m depth, large numbers feeding on Alcyonium digitatum

Message posted on British Marine Mollusca on 06 Jul 2013
Chris Wood Sea Fan Survey Results on the NBN The results of the dedicated pink sea fan surveys carried out by Seasearch volunteers since 2001 are now available to view on the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) and you can see the interactive map of the data. The Seasearch NBN data shows records for pink sea fans and also for three other species commonly associated with them. These are the sea fan anemone Ampthianthus dohrnii, the sea fan nudibranch Tritonia nilsodhneri and the sea fan false cowrie, Simnia hiscocki. The distribution of pink sea fans extends from Donegal in Ireland to Wexford, South-West Wales, both coasts of Devon and Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and the whole of Dorset. The sea fan anemone has a much more restricted distribution, covering the south coasts of Devon and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The sea fan nudibranch is found in most places where pink sea fans occur, though records are very limited in Ireland. Finally the sea fan false cowrie, Simnia hiscocki is a recently identified species and all older records have been made as Simnia patula. All records of this species on the NBN currently come from this new Seasearch dataset. Most are from the south coast of Cornwall, though there are also records from Lundy and South Devon. The dataset also includes personal records of this species made by Keith Hiscock, after whom the species is named. The full dataset also includes information on sea fan colony size, condition and fouling species. This does not show on the NBN but is available for reports. The full dataset also includes records from the Channel Islands. These are not currently displayed on the NBN website but updates are taking place soon whcih allow all of the Seasearch data for the Channel Islands to be made available online. The Seasearch website contains details of what sea fan populations we want to target and you can either download recording forms or submit your data online.

Message posted on Seasearch on 01 Oct 2013
George Brown Arhh! Must pay more attention! Only when I reviewed my images on computer did I see Palio nothus lurking above the Polycera.

John de Jong I searched some dives for this green monster, till now without succes....

João Pedro Silva Great find :) I have an entire set on flickr with "uninvited guests" and often go back to "dive into" older photos.

Jim Anderson Where did you photograph this elusive animal?

George Brown Alas, not Scotland Jim! Martin's Haven, South-west Wales. I'm forced to say it's quite good diving. 15 minutes into the dive I'd seen half a dozen species I've never seen before. Nice folk too! They even make their own nudibranchs! Some even dress up as them.

Jim Anderson Thanks George.

Tony Gilbert Yes indeed, a great find George. I've also fallen into this trap. On taking a poor image of a Flabellina at Loch Boisdale Outer Hebrides, as my camera had issues with waving kelp, and the lens was beyond its limits, I didnt bother with the image until later. On inspection, I discovered a Doto sp. right next to it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyjgilbert-images/5084376976/in/set-72157624688589439 The Flab is around 1cm, and I think the Doto is D. onusta, about 3mm long, at least that it was we identified it as at the time, and not D. coronata.

George Brown Great images Tony. Sure it was Loch Boisdale? The Flab looks like its been through the Corryvreckan. Backwards!

Tony Gilbert Yes indeed, well not quite Boisdale Loch par-se, but literally out of the entrance and slightly to the north, about 200m - there was a pinnacle there - which we named Loch Boisdale Pinnacle! I remember the dive quite well as I had camera trouble throughout, and temporary buddy loss. And, a carnivorous sea slug Simnia patula on Alcyonium: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonyjgilbert-images/5083784299/in/set-72157624688589439 I don't think there is one of these recorded for east Outer Hebrides.

Kate Lock Fantastic find and another new record for Martins Haven and Skomer MNR ...wow! I will have to add it to this years project report - thanks George......maybe I will have to make you a plastacine model nudibranch as a prize!!!

George Brown Kate/Arun, that would be wonderful! :)

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 27 Apr 2012
Jim Anderson Simnia patula - 25 mm at 18 m Eleizabeth Rock, Ardnamurchan, Scotland 07 April 2013

Simon Taylor Fantastic image - thanks Jim.

Jan Light Wonderful to see such a good image of the animal.

Message posted on British Marine Mollusca on 08 Apr 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Caenogastropoda (Subclass)
        Littorinimorpha (Order)
          Cypraeoidea (Superfamily)
            Ovulidae (Family)
              Simniinae (Subfamily)
                Simnia (Genus)
                  Simnia patula (Species)
Associated Species