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Contributors post messages and replies in groups on Facebook. Below are the groups that have been analysed by the system and an overview of their statistics. Clicking on the group name will take you to its Facebook page. Please get in contact if you would like a new group scanned or an existing group rescanned.

ThreadsUsersLast Scan
AMPHIPODA24117719 Mar 2014
BSoUP Facebook Group104891917 Dec 2013
British Marine Life Study Society114948519 Nov 2013
British Marine Mollusca967519 Nov 2013
Crustacea of the NE Atlantic & NW Europe898719 Nov 2013
Crustacean Identification Group539319 Nov 2013
EPAM Nudibranchs32419419 Nov 2013
Echinoderms of the NE Atlantic6110419 Nov 2013
Frogfish images25625520 Nov 2013
ID Please (Marine Creature Identification)70099019 Nov 2013
MarLIN8525317 Dec 2013
Marine Conservation Society (uk) SouthEast26829419 Nov 2013
Marine Flatworms39222719 Nov 2013
Mollusca of the NE Atlantic & NW Europe384919 Nov 2013
NE Atlantic Bryozoa8310919 Nov 2013
NE Atlantic Cnidaria21612819 Nov 2013
NE Atlantic Nudibranchs97734819 Nov 2013
NE Atlantic Porifera467519 Nov 2013
NE Atlantic Tunicata21910219 Nov 2013
NUDIBRANCH LOVERS139579919 Nov 2013
National Forum for Biological Recording8717819 Nov 2013
Nudibase - sharing Nudibranch knowledge3243159419 Nov 2013
Nudibranquios55122219 Nov 2013
Porifera11317419 Nov 2013
Scubashooters.net9584629817 Dec 2013
Seasearch13741519 Nov 2013
Seasearch Cornwall469619 Nov 2013
Seasearch East37018519 Nov 2013
Seasearch Identifications70229819 Nov 2013
Seasearch North East England26918119 Nov 2013
Seasearch North Wales34715719 Nov 2013
Seasearch Northwest England2226619 Nov 2013
Seasearch Tunicates114219 Nov 2013
Seaweed East 11756019 Nov 2013
Seaweeds of the NE Atlantic317619 Nov 2013
The Global Diving Community4911349620 Nov 2013
The Tank Bangers5779737620 Nov 2013
UW photo - Fotosub195486119 Nov 2013
UWphotographers226761101817 Dec 2013
Underwater Macro Photographers4607824820 Nov 2013
Wakatobi Nudibranchs 2013313219 Nov 2013
Wetpixel Underwater Photography8020557320 Nov 2013
Top Contributors
Ron Silver6633
Stuart Pearce4271
Giorgio Cavallaro Uwp3822
John Paul Connor3230
Gary Cobb3033
Ernst Andres3001
Giorgio Cavallaro2619
Ken Thongpila2122
João Pedro Silva1955
Scubashooters Dot Net1892
Andy Horton1870
Ilan Lubitz1841
Ilse Merz1719
David Kipling1709
Marco Paravella1688
Nick Stec1571
Suzan Meldonian1529
Claudia Weber-Gebert1517
Simon Shin1389
Blogie Robillo1322
Imade Widana1137
Jose Maria Abad Ortega1116
Ashley Missen1111
Erling Svensen1065
Terry Nichols1052
Malida Alcazar1014
Henrique Nascimento Catarina990
Amir Abramovich984
Fabio Strazzi965
Tom Hobock945
Stephen Williams905
Bernard Picton892
Raffaele Livornese847
Isabella Maffei830
Imran Ahmad825
Brian Pitkin807
Elly Jeurissen779
Chris Spence778
Brian Ward764
Christian Vizl Mac Gregor757