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Rhaphidostyla kitchingi

Burton, 1935

Joanne Porter I was wondering if Claire Goodwin could confirm the identity of this tassel sponge. My first thought was Amphilectus but others are suggesting it might be a type of Halichondria?? We are seeing quite a bit of it in Scapa Flow.

Floris Bennema It looks like Halichondria bowerbanki that we find here in the Netherlands. But I m not Claire :-)

Claire Goodwin I'd probably go for that too Floris Bennema - with the usual caveats about id without a sample. However, Iophon hyndmani is another possibility http://www.habitas.org.uk/marinelife/species.asp?item=C6840). What depth Jo Joanne Porter?

Joanne Porter The depth can be 10-20m Claire Goodwin

Joanne Porter Can they be separated on spicules Claire Goodwin?

Bernard Picton Possibly Rhaphidostyla kitchingi? (Hymeniacidon kitchingi) It does this very thin tassel-like growth form. Spicules will help a lot Joanne.

Claire Goodwin Probably Joanne Porter! I wish sponges were easier to Id without samples. You'll just have to invite Bernard Picton and me up for a ground-truthing trip :)!

Message posted on NE Atlantic Porifera on 16 Feb 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Porifera (Phylum)
    Demospongiae (Class)
      Halichondrida (Order)
        Halichondriidae (Family)
          Rhaphidostyla (Genus)
            Rhaphidostyla kitchingi (Species)
Associated Species