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Halichondria bowerbanki

Burton, 1930

George Brown To supplement Becky's sponge photo from the Barge in Scapa Flow, Orkney. Bernard, is this also Hymeniacidon kitchingi? Many thanks.

Bernard Picton This might be Halichondria bowerbanki. It grows these tassels too. It is normally this colour. Habitat is right as well.

Becky Hitchin So how do we tell the difference because some of the kitchingi was a suspiciously similar colour?

Claire Goodwin Hack pieces off! :)

Becky Hitchin What about in a pic :D

Message posted on NE Atlantic Porifera on 14 Nov 2013
Joanne Porter I was wondering if Claire Goodwin could confirm the identity of this tassel sponge. My first thought was Amphilectus but others are suggesting it might be a type of Halichondria?? We are seeing quite a bit of it in Scapa Flow.

Floris Bennema It looks like Halichondria bowerbanki that we find here in the Netherlands. But I m not Claire :-)

Claire Goodwin I'd probably go for that too Floris Bennema - with the usual caveats about id without a sample. However, Iophon hyndmani is another possibility http://www.habitas.org.uk/marinelife/species.asp?item=C6840). What depth Jo Joanne Porter?

Joanne Porter The depth can be 10-20m Claire Goodwin

Joanne Porter Can they be separated on spicules Claire Goodwin?

Bernard Picton Possibly Rhaphidostyla kitchingi? (Hymeniacidon kitchingi) It does this very thin tassel-like growth form. Spicules will help a lot Joanne.

Claire Goodwin Probably Joanne Porter! I wish sponges were easier to Id without samples. You'll just have to invite Bernard Picton and me up for a ground-truthing trip :)!

Message posted on NE Atlantic Porifera on 16 Feb 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Porifera (Phylum)
    Demospongiae (Class)
      Halichondrida (Order)
        Halichondriidae (Family)
          Halichondria (Genus)
            Halichondria bowerbanki (Species)
Associated Species