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Cuthona sibogae

(Bergh, 1905)

Imade Widana Padangbai dive Oct, 04, 2013

Ernst Andres Wonderful ! (Y)

Sabine Van Durmen beautiful

Imade Widana Thanks Sabine and Ernst

Sabine Van Durmen thank you Imade Widana

Ron Silver Cuthona sibogae

Imade Widana Thanks Ron

Michael Sterken Imade you get the most amazing shots! I truly aspire to your level of photography.

Imade Widana Michael, hahaha . . . I am not photografer and I don't have level. I just underwater guide.

Ernst Andres ...and a very good photographer !!! :-)

Imade Widana Hahahahaha........Ernst Andres, I really not photographer, just luck shot.

Michael Sterken Well, they are consistently fantastic. I am a photographer (on the surface ) - I have shot weddings, and sports since high school. But underwater is a new and wonderful challenge. I only get to dive about three or four times per year, and that is with DM in a group, so I can't ever slow down very much for pics, but you really inspire me. thanks for always sharing.

Stuart Pearce Another beauty :)

Ernst Andres That makes two my friend. I also have no proper training and no license. I've heard of a friend who died too soon and really good UW photographer get some tips on how I could make it better a few years ago and learned from it. So always learning by doing. I would never make fun of me a photo, because it includes a lot of courage to make it public here. Except, of course, it is found to be funny shows. No one is perfect and really fun to learn. Just not that simple in the UW photography. Not at all you want to know how many photos I then deleted ....... but now I regret it. You make the really great !!! :-) YESSSS

Imade Widana Thanks Stuart Pearce and Thanks again Ernst Andres

Antonio Colacino Your pictures are costantly good, you show us the wonderful creatures of your Sea, a great job an a great value :)

Heike Odeh very nice !

Message posted on The Global Diving Community on 04 Oct 2013
Blogie Robillo Trinchesia yamasui. Length abt 2cm or less; depth 15m @ Dayang Beach Resort, Talikod Island.

Penn Dls 2 pairs of rhinos?

Blogie Robillo No, the lower pair is its oral tentacles. They're more visible among aeolid nudibranchs.

Patrik Good Nice shot with great frontal and underside details. They grow bigger but are hiding better where we dive.

Blogie Robillo Yeah, they are quite difficult to spot!

Blogie Robillo Gary Cobb - Is Trinchesia yamasui the accepted name or is it Cuthona yamasui? (Same question for Trinchesia sibogae)

Gary Cobb Trinchesia instead of Cuthona We use Trinchesia and not Cuthona for these species following the work set out in Michael Miller’s paper of 2004 in the Journal of Natural History, Vol. 38, Issue 9. The nomenclature procedure is a fluid process often changing and changing back again when new research and information is brought to light and published. It should always reflect the "most recent findings". Miller’s paper is the most current authoritative work in this area and we conform to that. We fail to see the reason for any confusion.

Blogie Robillo Thanks for clearing that up for us, Gary!

Gary Cobb The reality is Blogie some individuals fight the system and run their own show. In so being lots of individuals follow them and there you have chaos.

Blogie Robillo I kinda figured that, Gary. *sigh*

Gary Cobb Use Trinchesia and you will be right! :)

Blogie Robillo Here's the thing, though. EOL.org lists T. yamasui just fine. But for Trinchesia sibogae, no entry at all. They only have Cuthona sibogae.

Gary Cobb According to the latest paper all Cuthona have been changed accept Cuthona nano which fits the description.

Blogie Robillo Ok, copy that!

Gary Cobb I'm sure you'll make the right decision Blogie:)

Blogie Robillo Of course, Gary! Take a look - http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/12399037

Gary Cobb Thanks Blogie...same ole story. From the abstract to Miller's paper "Re-examination of the local Cuthona species led to a re-assessment of several other tergipedid genera based on the arrangement of the digestive ducts. As a result the genus Cuthona Alder and Hancock, 1855 is restricted to one species, C. nana (Alder and Hancock, 1842), and the genus Trinchesia von Ihering, 1879 re-introduced for the rest of the species previously included in Cuthona."

Erwin Koehler here is the only Cuthona http://www.medslugs.de/E/Atl-NE/Cuthona_nana.htm

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Dexiarchia (Suborder)
              Aeolidida (Infraorder)
                Fionoidea (Superfamily)
                  Tergipedidae (Family)
                    Cuthona (Genus)
                      Cuthona sibogae (Species)
Associated Species