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Elysia verrucosa

K.R. Jensen, 1985

Brian Perry Can someone help me identify this - it's about 5mm long and the entire crew at Misool Eco Resort had never seen it before.

Christian Skauge Looks like an Aegires sp to me :)

Gary Cobb This looks like Elysia verrucosa definately a species of Elysia

Ahmet Yay Elysia Verrucosa Anilao, Koala Reef. Canon 600D-Sea&Sea Housing - Canon 60 mm macro 2xYS-D1 Sea&Sea Flash 1/125, f:9 Asa:100

Stuart Pearce Beauty :)

Ernst Andres Superbe :-)

Ron Silver Appears to be the Sapsucking Slug, Elysia ornata

Ahmet Yay Hımmm.... You're right Ron Silver as always...:) My mistake... I will correct its name...:) Thank you very much...

Fikret Goksel wowww, amazing shot ...

Julie Tomiris Superbe photo d'un superbe animal ! :)....Merci Ahmet !

Tom Hobock That's cool Ahmet

Ahmet Yay Thank you very much Fikret Goksel, Julie Tomiris, Tom Hobock.

Marylin Batt Very nice.

Stephen Williams Top shot Ahmet ,will have to remember this reef when i go there mate :-)

Ajiex Dharma Great shot!!

Ahmet Yay Thank you very much Marylin Batt , Stephen Williams, Aijex Ajiex Dharma...:)

Message posted on The Global Diving Community on 11 Sep 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Sacoglossa (Order)
            Plakobranchacea (Suborder)
              Plakobranchoidea (Superfamily)
                Plakobranchidae (Family)
                  Elysia (Genus)
                    Elysia verrucosa (Species)
Associated Species