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Enchelycore nigricans

(Bonnaterre, 1788)

Nick Hope ID please. An eel from a night dive at Cavern Island in the Mergui Archipelago, Burma, Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean. Some sort of "snake moray" I guess. I'm afraid I only have the head. I was wondering about Enchelycore nigricans, but the upper jaw doesn't look thin enough, and Burma seems unlikely within the distribution.

Ron Silver Gymnothorax zonipectis

Nick Hope Ah, I suppose it could be. I've never seen one, or a picture of one, without the usual white marks, so that didn't cross my mind. Thanks Ron!

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Vertebrata (Subphylum)
      Gnathostomata (Superclass)
        Pisces (Superclass)
          Actinopterygii (Class)
            Anguilliformes (Order)
              Muraenidae (Family)
                Enchelycore (Genus)
                  Enchelycore nigricans (Species)
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