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Aplidium coeruleum

Lahille, 1890

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat Here is a species I had previously seen in the Mediterranean Sea, Aplidium coeruleum Lahille, 1890, which is quite common around Camaret ( Western Brittany). The specimens described by Lahille came from Roscoff and it certainly lives also around the British Isles. At the Medes Islands, Spain, I've seen it at depth between 20-30 m but in Britttany, it is present along with Distomus variolosus in the laminarian area . Under water, it looks like a dull greyish Botrylloides but on pictures with its blue lobes it is very nice. Tell me if you have already seen it or if you see it during your next dives ;o)

David Kipling Very pretty - Sue Daly should look out for this in Sark.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Tunicata on 02 Aug 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Tunicata (Subphylum)
      Ascidiacea (Class)
        Aplousobranchia (Order)
          Polyclinidae (Family)
            Aplidium (Genus)
              Aplidium coeruleum (Species)
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