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Paramonacanthus japonicus

(Tilesius, 1809)

Alan Lo juvenile filefish @lembeh strait, indonesia

Michael Liebetrau Paramonacanthus japonicus

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 18 Jun 2013
Blogie Robillo Can anyone ID this juvenile filefish? It was in abt 14m of water, hiding behind a spiky soft coral when I spotted it. Dayang Beach, Talikud Island.

Alan Johnson could it be a Juvie Scrawled filefish.? (Aluterus scripts)

Blogie Robillo I hope the experts chime in...

Arne Kuilman Paramonacanthus japonicus - Japanese filefish

Blogie Robillo There we go! Thanks Arne!

Arne Kuilman Dark blotch under dorsal fin is the determining factor for these. Pale-brown to green-yellow in possible color variation.

Pam Anderson Beautiful!

Blogie Robillo Which species of filefish is this? I guess it's a juvenile (it was about less than 2cm long). Spotted at a depth of about 14m in a sand-and-rubble area.

Kati Burg I guess Arne Kuilman would know.

Carl-Johan Nilsson Bristletail? Or maybe not...

Blogie Robillo Carl-Johan - It could be...

Arne Kuilman I don't think it Acreichthys tomentosus, as this animal has a more distinct lateral line under it's dorsal fin, but I can't seem to find the filefish it is. Searching further…

Ex Liao Its a filefish but dont know what kind :)

Blogie Robillo Arne Kuilman - Maybe the juvenile A. tomentosus looks like this?

Arne Kuilman Pff, took me awhile, but I've never seen it, so that makes it difficult to find. Appears to be a juvenile Paramonacanthus japonicus or Japanesee filefish. Check out the reference photos at: http://www.starfish.ch/collection/filefish.html

Carl-Johan Nilsson Good spotting Arne!

Blogie Robillo Thanks Arne, I'll look that up! :) I spotted them again today! They seem to like mauve spiky soft coral.

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Vertebrata (Subphylum)
      Gnathostomata (Superclass)
        Pisces (Superclass)
          Actinopterygii (Class)
            Tetraodontiformes (Order)
              Monacanthidae (Family)
                Paramonacanthus (Genus)
                  Paramonacanthus japonicus (Species)
Associated Species