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Hymedesmia brondstedi

Burton, 1930

George Brown This brachiopod, Terebratulina retusa, about 10mm across, is covered in sponge. Is there a species of sponge linked to T. retusa in this way? Ardnoe Point, Sound of Jura, about 20m. Many thanks.

Andrew Want Excellent! - Terbratulina is very important in Palaeontology...

George Brown Can I bring this back up to the top in the hope that someone can suggest a name for the sponge on this brachiopod? Please?

Sarah Bowen It looks a bit like Hymedesmia coriaceum, which Jennifer Jones recently ID'd for me on a kelp stipe in Pembrokeshire. Possibility?

Bernard Picton With that big exhalant canal it could be Spanioplon armaturum.

Bernard Picton We often get Iophon nigricans on brachiopods off the west coast of Ireland. It is a nice bright yellow. I suspect that the sponges prefer a calcareous substratum and perhaps they also benefit from the feeding current of the brachiopods.

Claire Goodwin That's interesting Sarah Bowen - I thought it could be Hymedesmia brondstedi/coriacea (there is another taxonomic mix-up with these) but as Bernard says it is also Spanioplon like in appearance.

George Brown Many thanks everyone! I see what you mean and again, no straightforward identification. Can I please send you guys a sample?

Message posted on NE Atlantic Porifera on 15 May 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Porifera (Phylum)
    Demospongiae (Class)
      Poecilosclerida (Order)
        Myxillina (Suborder)
          Hymedesmiidae (Family)
            Hymedesmia (Genus)
              Hymedesmia brondstedi (Species)
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