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Phidiana lynceus

Bergh, 1867

Suzan Meldonian Phidiana lynceus, Blue Heron Bridge Nikon D200, f/29, 105mm + 10x subsee

Giorgio Cavallaro http://www.uwphotographers.net/2012/07/uwp-suzan-meldonian.html

Jack Bernstein Follow the hydroids

Suzan Meldonian thank you

Michael Lawrence Alright Suzan, I am officially beginning to hate you, so many world-class images from one unassuming location.

Raffaele Livornese Nice shot, Suzan :D (y)

Giorgio Cavallaro Congrats, over 50 "LIKE" (Y)

Message posted on UWphotographers on 12 Nov 2013
Vinicius Padula Phidiana lynceus 18 mm, Brazil

Vinicius Padula Phidiana lynceus Bergh, 1867 18 mm Cabo Frio, Brazil

Ana Karla Araújo Beautiful!!!!

Luis Felipe Skinner I collected one today, at Forno harbor... eating my Bryozoans...

Vinicius Padula Skinner, it was really feeding on bryozoa? Theoratically ´should not´, but in hydrozoa. However, there is a paper of Edmunds (An eolid nudibranch feeding on Bryozoa. The Veliger, 17(3):, 269-270) where I´m pretty sure he commented on this species feeding on bryozoa.

Message posted on EPAM Nudibranchs on 07 Nov 2012
Marlon Delgado Phidiana lynceus Santa Rita - RN/ Brasil

Message posted on EPAM Nudibranchs on 30 May 2012
Luis Felipe Skinner Phidiana lynceus, feet view...

Andrew Macrae Somebody needs to clean their nails

Vinicius Padula Andrew, it was an unnecessary and unhappy comment. We are here to talk about seaslugs, thats it and not disrespectful words. I hope you understand.

Message posted on EPAM Nudibranchs on 06 Nov 2012
Luis Felipe Skinner From fouling plates, attached to predator protection net. At Ilha Grande bay, RJ, Brazil

Vinicius Padula Phidiana lynceus Bergh, 1867

Lucas CerCur Do you have photos with a higher detail?

Luis Felipe Skinner Lucas CerCur, unfortunately not, my camera is not a good one...

Gonçalo Calado I agree with Vinicius Padula

Lucas CerCur Me too...

Message posted on EPAM Nudibranchs on 06 Nov 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Dexiarchia (Suborder)
              Aeolidida (Infraorder)
                Aeolidioidea (Superfamily)
                  Facelinidae (Family)
                    Phidiana (Genus)
                      Phidiana lynceus (Species)
Associated Species