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Polyides rotundus

(Hudson) Gaillon, 1828

Shôn Roberts Lined Polycera ? Photos taken at Bull Bay on 18-05-13 of two individual slugs.

Glynn Phillips Are these from a shore dive?

Shôn Roberts Yes from the shore near the slipway

Wendy Northway polycera quadrilineata?

Wendy Northway can't make out what he's on?

Shôn Roberts one of them is on a Sea Lettuce the other is on what i think is Polyides rotundus.

Message posted on Seasearch North Wales on 19 May 2013

Paula Lightfoot what was the holdfast like? Maybe it could be Polyides rotundus or Furcellaria lumbricalis (discoid or clawed forked weed?)

Erling Svensen We need to see the holdfast to be sure about the specie. Was it like a cup or like fingers?

Becky Hitchin It does like more like Furcellaria lumbricalis from that pic

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 31 Dec 1969
Plantae (Kingdom)
  Biliphyta (Subkingdom)
    Rhodophyta (Phylum)
      Eurhodophytina (Subphylum)
        Florideophyceae (Class)
          Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass)
            Gigartinales (Order)
              Polyidaceae (Family)
                Polyides (Genus)
                  Polyides rotundus (Species)
Associated Species