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Neopentadactyla mixta

(Östergren, 1898) Deichmann, 1944

Jeremy Pierce Same dive as yesterday and for me anyway an unusually clear view of the body of a 'Crevice Sea Cucumber'??? Aslia lefevrei, although my book says it's body is brown and leathery!! Or is it a Neopentadactyla mixta out of the gravel and in a crevice??? Cheers JAP :-)

Jeremy Pierce Checked another book and may have answered my own question.........Pawsonia saxicola???

Erling Svensen I would have called this one Ocnus lacteus, but this species only grows to 4 cm

Jeremy Pierce This one was approx 11 -14cm!

Erling Svensen Then I think it might be Pawsonia saxcola.

Colin Munro Def. Pawsonia saxicola. Quite common.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 27 May 2013
Charlotte Bolton Am hoping this is quite a simple Q for the echino experts out there! Lyme Bay, 25m bsl, fairly silty coarse gravel/sand between up-to-0.5m boulders. Is this a Thyone sp.? Can convince myself it looks like the T. ruscovita pic on Habitas but it wasn't in mud... N. mixta also present. TIA for all suggestions/clarifications!

Charlotte Bolton Yes, I think there's body exposed there - looks dark to me so Aslia lefevrei? I asked about Thyone because I know we've had it here in Dorset but I haven't noticed it myself; I was slightly unsure about the 'mud' habitat too...

Charlotte Bolton But equally it was more like 'mud' than wedged in a rock crevice... Sigh.

Charlotte Bolton Neopentadactyla mixta was definitely there as well...

Bernard Picton I’d say Thyone roscovita. The top of the body looks right, with a black collar.

Message posted on Echinoderms of the NE Atlantic on 04 Nov 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Echinodermata (Phylum)
    Echinozoa (Subphylum)
      Holothuroidea (Class)
        Dendrochirotacea (Subclass)
          Dendrochirotida (Order)
            Phyllophoridae (Family)
              Neopentadactyla (Genus)
                Neopentadactyla mixta (Species)
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