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Plagioecia patina

(Lamarck, 1816)

Richard Yorke Plagioecia patina

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 03 Aug 2012
Erling Svensen Can anybody tell me the different between the Plagioecia patina and the Disporella histpida? And what about this one?

Joanne Porter Hi Erling, The one on the left is your Plagioecia, the one on the right looks like the cheilostome Celleporella. Disporella hispid a is much more spiky then Plagioecia. I'll dig out a photo for you........

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 17 Jun 2012
Richard Yorke Another squirt from the Llyn

Richard Yorke This is a lumpy one similar to the picture posted by David Kipling earlier, no idea what it is but I think the disk bryozoan are Plagioecia patina.

David Kipling That looks like the same species as the white/translucent one with bobbly bits round the siphon that I posted. Good to see more of it, hope someone might suggest an ID? Those lumps must help.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 26 Sep 2012
Erling Svensen Could this be the Disporella histpida?

Liz Morris According to Jo Joanne Porter's amazing new bryozoan book, The tubular zooids dont' look spiney enough to me. How about Plagioecia patina? I'm sure Jo will correct me if I'm wrong!

Joanne Porter You are correct Liz!!

Liz Morris Lovely picture :)

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 21 Jun 2012
Erling Svensen Would these be Disporella hispida? From South West Norway, under a rock at 25 meters deep.

Joanne Porter These look like Plagiooecia rather than Disporella

Erling Svensen Plagiooecia? Do you have a more specific name? (please.....)

David Kipling Plagioecia patina is what Joanne's referring to I think.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 02 Oct 2012
Richard Yorke Is this Disporella hispida

David Kipling It's not very spiky - does that make it Plagioecia patina? I posted a more spiky specimen that you commented on a while back and Jo thought that was Plagioecia patina, and given that Disporella is supposed to be the spikier species ...

Richard Yorke I am with you in that I am having difficulty splitting them! That is why I am questioning this one as though not very spiky, I do think it looks like the picture at the bottom of page 81 in her book. I get the impression that Plagioecia tends to have a ring in the centre and Disporella a dome but I stand to be corrected.

Joanne Porter They are Disporella hispida at different stages of development

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 11 Sep 2012
Erling Svensen This one is very common in South West Norway. Only 1 cm across. Anybody that knows the specie...?

George Brown Beautiful image Erling. It looks like Disporella hispida but trolling the web suggests that several bryozoans develop this structure. It's also common in Scotland. Joanne will keep us right!

Erling Svensen Thanks George. Look at my shrimp under Identification group. Hope you are good at shrimps? I will wait for Joanne....

Jennifer Loxton At the NHM we are thinking that this is probably Plagioecia patina rather than Disporella. It has a curling up at the edges rather than the mound form that Disporella tends to take

Kevin Tilbrook I'm liking the lichoporid/disporellid for this. I've images of this sort of thing if I can dig one out.

Kevin Tilbrook See my pic just posted

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 30 Apr 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Bryozoa (Phylum)
    Stenolaemata (Class)
      Cyclostomatida (Order)
        Tubuliporina (Suborder)
          Plagioeciidae (Family)
            Plagioecia (Genus)
              Plagioecia patina (Species)
Associated Species