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Membranipora membranacea

(Linnaeus, 1767)

Derek Weldon Sea mat (Membranipora membranacea)

Message posted on Seasearch North East England on 29 Sep 2013
David McGrath Any ideas on this bryzoan from Argyll, Membranipora membranacea has been suggested but that looks too rectangular

Jane Pottas Looks like Frosty Sea Mat, Electra pilosa

Joanne Porter Definitely Electra pilosa

Owen Loney Electra Pilosa...cant miss it !

David Fenwick Snr Does anyone know what Doridella steinberae is? Bryozoan.net refer to the species as feeding on Membranipora membranacea and EOL mention it, but they are the only instances I can find for this name. Curious!

Bernard Picton It's a nudibranch closely related to Onchidoris.

Bernard Picton Now Corambe s.

Bernard Picton WoRMS search - sci name contains steinberg

Bernard Picton Oh, I see your typo - steinbergae

Egidio Trainito ANDERSON, Genevieve B. 1971. A contribution to the biology of Doridella steinbergae and Corambe pacifica, vi + 48 pp. M.A. thesis, Californua State College, Hayward. ANDERSON, Genevieve. 1972. Some aspects of the biology of the nudibranchs Doridella steinbergae and Corambe pacifica. Echo (Western Society of Malacologists) 5:19.

David Fenwick Snr I see, so an error starting at Bryozoan.net and copied to EOL. Funny how these things start. Thanks for clearing it up Bernard and Egidio.

David Fenwick Snr Very nicely camouflages itself on Membranipora. http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/corastei

Bernard Picton Are you an editor for EOL, David? If not I might be able to fix it. It's a nuisance when these things contain typos like that!

David Fenwick Snr No I'm not an EOL editor Bernard Picton, have just googled Doridella steinberae again and it looks like the error occurs on four pages.

David Fenwick Snr Sadly I don't know anyone on Bryozoan.net

Bernard Picton The source of the information is here: http://britishbryozoans.myspecies.info/

Bernard Picton At least for the first one I checked...

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 22 Sep 2013
João Pedro Silva A very small Polycera quadrilineata feeding on Membranipora membranacea. Canon EOS 350D in Ikelite housing, 2x SB-105 strobes, Canon EF f/2.8 100mm USM macro, f/18.0, 1/200s, ISO 100.

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 09 May 2012
O Gajo Dos Olivais Another shot of P. quadrilineata, from today's dive Canon 450D in Nimar Housing 1/200 f/18 ISO 100 2 strobes Ultramax UXDS-1 at 4/4 power Subsee +10 wet diopter

João Pedro Silva They are easier to spot on Codium due to the contrast but more likely to be found in places with lots of bryozoans. They feed on several species and some grow on several algae (like Membranipora membranacea) so there's also a good reason for them to be there. The small patch on the left side of that Codium branch is a bryozoan. They are also common on kelp: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpsilva1971/7164486966/

Josh Milligan Canon 450D, wow that camera has been around a couple years. great shots though. Goes to show it isn't all about having the best newest camera money can buy.

O Gajo Dos Olivais Thank you Josh. :)

Josh Milligan I just got a Canon 1100D, an upgraded verson of yours. Just waiting on the housing now. Hoping next week to be in the water with it.

Josh Milligan Oh, what lens did you use for these?

O Gajo Dos Olivais Inside the housing, a Canon 28-80 plus a 31mm extensuon tube. Outside, a subsee +10

O Gajo Dos Olivais Good luck for your new camera. May it give you great shots for us to see ;)

Josh Milligan I ordered the port for my 60mm macro, then later I will get a port for my 17-40mm wide angle also, with a 9" dome. I do manly Macro stuff so I am looking forward to the 1:1 i am supposed to get out of the 60mm.

O Gajo Dos Olivais The port I have is a flat port with no control over the zoom. So I just use extension tubes and set it on 80mm... but with those and the Subsee I can get 1:1 and greater. (I actually haven't made the maths yet... but the guy in the pic was about 4mm long)

O Gajo Dos Olivais No... this one was about 8mm long.

Josh Milligan I ordered a flat port with no controls. It has an auto on the lens though so i will use that, it should be fine with that though. I can always look through the clear port to see if the lens is at 1:1 to 1:infin if I want.

O Gajo Dos Olivais What brand of housing are you using?

Josh Milligan ikelite was the only one I could find for my camera

O Gajo Dos Olivais Oh. Well... Nimar has a known issue of leaks on all housings, for what I've seen around the web and Ikelite is one of the best. I don't have any reason to complain as for now but I'm always taking care of it and paying attention to o-ring and housing maintenance. ;) My lens have AF as well, but I was talking about the zoom for 28 to 80. :)

Josh Milligan I just wish Ikelites went deeper then 200 for when I start doing my CCR stuff.

O Gajo Dos Olivais hehehe go easy on the rebreathers Josh. They're a killer. :)

Josh Milligan I am hoping to buy one and train on it early next year.

O Gajo Dos Olivais Wish you the best. I know a couple of guys who own a recreational CCR. The MK-VI I think it's called. But it's only to 40 meters dive. And more than 5000 euros...

Josh Milligan the one I am looking at and to train on here goes south of 60m. So that is fine for my needs, and the amount of deco time will be great for making sure I can take all the photos I want on that last thing on the way back in.

O Gajo Dos Olivais :) I'll stick to my not-so-deep dives for now. Even when going 30 meters deep (90 feet?l I stay for 40 minutes on EAN32... it's enough for now. I prefer shallow dives ;) 75 -90 minutes around 30-42 feet (10-12 meters). More light, lots of life, lots of time :)

O Gajo Dos Olivais I hate drysuits... am selling my whites fusion bullet today. 8 dives, good as new, 1400eur suit, selling for 750. Just because I do have cold in those... and dont feel the water.

Josh Milligan The two places I love most are around 55-60 feet and stay there for around 60+ minutes.

O Gajo Dos Olivais Those are good times and depths :)

O Gajo Dos Olivais The ONLY time I was cold on a dive was when wearing that bilaminated suit. I had two pair of pants, a sweater, two polar shirts.... cold as ice!!! And the water was just 15 centigrades. I dive in a 5mm neoprene wet suit and I stood 85 minutes at 14°… 30 feet down

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 04 Aug 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Bryozoa (Phylum)
    Gymnolaemata (Class)
      Cheilostomatida (Order)
        Malacostegina (Suborder)
          Membraniporoidea (Superfamily)
            Membraniporidae (Family)
              Membranipora (Genus)
                Membranipora membranacea (Species)
Associated Species