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Maja squinado

(Herbst, 1788)

Andrew Syvret

Andy Horton Its a fake ! ???

Bernard Picton I know this can happen in butterflies, so presumably in other arthropods too. The first division of the fertilised egg is left and right, all the tissues of each side are then derived from this first pair of cells.

Bernard Picton http://www.daltonstate.edu/galeps/Gynandromorphs.htm

Andy Horton http://www.glaucus.org.uk/blue.jpg Gyandromorphy in Maja squinado

Andrew Syvret Have seen several pale blue European lobsters in my time with one bordering on white. One blue spider crab & two orange lobsters, but never a "split"...

Chris Wood Spider crabs - have you seen them aggregating this year? Spiny spider crabs, Maja squinado, are known to aggregate in shallow waters at certain times of year for moulting and breeding. A request from a TV company about where to see them and a couple of observations prompts the thought that are people seeing these agreggations this year and if so when and where? In this crazy summer whcih has seen us lurch from winter to tropical heatwave in no time at all who knows what is going on. The first picture shows a spider crab covered in gooseberry sea squirts, Dendrodoa grossularia, and clearly in need of a spring clean. This was a recent picture from Jersey where many of the spider crabs looked as if they had not moulted for a long while. Meanwhile just off Chesil Beach this weekend the pair to the right were clearly not waiting for their friends to arrive before indulging in some crab action!

Kirstie Harris We saw huge numbers of spider crabs this weekend at the Hen & Chicks in Pembrokeshire. Some of the crabs were enormous and I was even 'lucky' enough to catch a pair of them making more crabs :)

Hayden Close Seen large number off aberystwyth coast too

Chris Hopkins Lots in St Brides last year but not seen them yet this year.

Steve Frampton We have them under Selsey Lifeboat station as usual.

Message posted on Seasearch on 15 Jul 2013
Alistair Eberst Hi, these three seen in Northern Norway but I'm hoping someone here can help with ID. The crab I took to be Maja squinado but it seemes very spiny.

Keith Hiscock Lots of people mistake Lithodes maja as Maia squinado (or is it Maja brachydactyla now?) and thus there are incorrect records registered north of its northern geographical limit which, in Britain, is probably a few places in western mainland Scotland - although I am suspicious of those records!

Jim Greenfield I have photos of L.maja taken at St. Abbs.

George Brown For what its worth I've seen Lithodes maia all round the north of Scotland, from the Small Isles round to the Moray Firth, but have never seen Maja brachydactyla in Scotland.

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Arthropoda (Phylum)
    Crustacea (Subphylum)
      Malacostraca (Class)
        Eumalacostraca (Subclass)
          Eucarida (Superorder)
            Decapoda (Order)
              Pleocyemata (Suborder)
                Brachyura (Infraorder)
                  Eubrachyura (Section)
                    Heterotremata (Subsection)
                      Majoidea (Superfamily)
                        Majidae (Family)
                          Majinae (Subfamily)
                            Maja (Genus)
                              Maja squinado (Species)
Associated Species