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Aplidium multiplicatum

Sluiter, 1909

Sue Daly Ah, yes, I've worked out how to post a photo. I'm new to this! As I said, I've seen this Morchellium like tunicate here in the Channel Islands. I'm hoping to include it in my new book but what should I call it?

David Kipling What indeed ;)

Sue Daly Lovely isn't it?

David Kipling Very striking. You should do a 'squirts of Sark' themed week sometime!

Sue Daly Come on over.

David Kipling Put the kettle on, I'll grab my coat ..

George Brown I'll bring scones!

Mary Restell I'll bring Devon clotted cream :) !

Mary Restell It is absolutely beautiful - looks like strings of bubbles - very striking

Sarah Bowen We'll need jam too - anything to make sure I don't get left out!

Sarah Bowen Dawn, what site? In the interests of research you understand!

Sarah Bowen Whoops, see what you mean - so did I!

Jim Anderson Skaphandrus have Aplidium multiplicatum as a NE Austarlia species and EOL have it as NE Australia and Japan.

Sue Daly I'm putting together an all new fangled version of my book 'Marine Life of the Channel Islands' (first published in 1996) and would like to use this species. Should I call it Aplidium sp to be on the safe side?

Message posted on NE Atlantic Tunicata on 04 Dec 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Tunicata (Subphylum)
      Ascidiacea (Class)
        Aplousobranchia (Order)
          Polyclinidae (Family)
            Aplidium (Genus)
              Aplidium multiplicatum (Species)
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