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Antennarius hispidus

(Bloch & Schneider, 1801)

Carl-Johan Nilsson Juvenile Antennarius hispidus? 12-13mm. Alona Beach - Bohol.

Roberto Nistri Antennarius hispidus, Antennariidae, Segret Bay, Gilimanuk, bali, Indonesia, Asia

Gram Hasselhoff love secret bay, great shot

Linda Colman Good shot!

Ron Silver tell-tale 'pom-pom' fishing lure :-D

Message posted on Wetpixel Underwater Photography on 10 Oct 2013
Carl-Johan Nilsson Another Juvenile Frog. 25-30 mm from Bohol-PI. Depth 15m at the base of a wall, found in broken down coral.

Carl-Johan Nilsson Same one, slightly diferent lighting.

Carl-Johan Nilsson A hispidus?

Ron Silver Antennatus dorehensis. See attached: http://www.frogfish.ch/species-arten/Antennatus-dorehensis.html

Carl-Johan Nilsson Could be dorehensis. Here's a pic of a supposed juve hispidus http://www.frogfish.ch/image/frogfish-Anglerfisch/Antennarius-hispidus/Antennarius-hispidus-baby1.jpg

Boomer William Wing I agree A. dorehensis. To much wrong for a A. hipidus. I found this pic rather interesting

Boomer William Wing This is a baby A.hipidus

Carl-Johan Nilsson Mine had no markings on caudal and no mark under the dorsal. it's shot in 15m coral and not in 1-3 sandy flats. Not saying it's a hispidus but what makes it a doherensis? Also have a look at the white hispidus Juve above, wonder if that one is misidentified.

Boomer William Wing The only way to properly ID Frogfish is to see thier dorsal fin up, and where you can look at and see the shape of the illicium ( fishing rod) and esca ( bait). Hispidus has a very short, thick and quite large lure, shaped like a pompom, as seen in the pic above. The rod is also striped, as in the pic above. In your pic, the rod is longer with a small ball lure, common to dorehensis . My other posted pic "interesting" is a dorehensis and looks just like yours. The hispidus is well known for its pompom shaped bait. Yours is not even close to that. The juv pic above was taken from the Frogfish ID website, as a juv hispidus.

Boomer William Wing And both of your pics have the distinct single mid body orange eye spot as seen in this pic of a dorehensis. http://www.frogfish.ch/image/frogfish-Anglerfisch/Antennarius-dorehensis/guest/Johanna-Gawron-Antennarius-dorehensis-lure.jpg

Carl-Johan Nilsson All sound but what about the White juve hispidus? And what about the habitat, it doesn't match. Rod and bait is one of the characteristics too look for but tricky since they often get lost and look different when they grow back.

Boomer William Wing I do not know what you mean by white". Looks like a rather poor pic. And it is more tan than white. We are talking about my pic. Habitat is often no much of a good ID. As far as "white" goes you know many Frogs of the same species have different color morphs. If we are taking about your "white" link maybe it is a miss-ID. A quick look on Google has allot of labeled so called hipidus that are " white" . Just one example. http://www.flickr.com/photos/steve_childs/233610770/lightbox/c Also looking at almost any hispidus even if faint there is a striped pattern to them not see in yours.

Boomer William Wing Ok, link photo, not aloud so had to steal it :) I think we can both agree FF can be very confusing. I will give you this, so called "white" dorehensis are rare as far as pics go. But I do not think yours us a hipidus .

Carl-Johan Nilsson Thanks for all the help but still not convinced. The white i'm talking about could be a misidentified juvenile hispidus from Teresas website, 10 posts above. That pic made me believe mine could be a hispidus. Googling pics with names is very tricky since so many online are mislabelled. Invited Teresa to the group, let's see if she decides to join.

Carl-Johan Nilsson I don't think mine is a hispidus, more likely a dorehensis, just not convinced yet...

Boomer William Wing Yes, I agree the "white" on Terrsa website is mid-ID. I do not buy it looking at that rod and lure which is nothing like the rod and lure on the juv hispidus I posted also from her website. Now here is something you missed on her website. Do not copy that image, click on it for the full size image and you will not get that image but my posted image above of baby I gave. Her thumb nail link is coded wrong. You look at that pic on the site and get this.

Boomer William Wing You click on pic and get this

Carl-Johan Nilsson Didn't miss it and the pic of the white one is named hispidus so it's probably just mislabelled. What is the white one then? Looks like a A rosaceus to me with that dorsal.

Boomer William Wing I know it is named that. On the hipidus page she has labeled 3 pics as hipidus but when you click on the pic you get a completely different pic. I am on this page now Photos - Antennarius hispidus - Fotos http://www.frogfish.ch/species-arten/Antennarius-hispidus.html The full size pic you posted is not even on that page only the cropped thumbnail I just posted above. I have not even found your full size pic yet on that site.

Boomer William Wing Ok found it on the baby page :)

Carl-Johan Nilsson The white one and mine too is a Antennatus rosaceus, checked my other pics and the spiky dorsal is there. It just got pushed down by current or something on those pics. Ruby Ann Balio was right all along. Damn, that means i will hear it forever! ;)

Carl-Johan Nilsson Money shot, Dorsal of a rosaceus.

Boomer William Wing Lol, Carl, I agree.

Boomer William Wing I was actually going to post this today and though, nah the texture like "spots" are to big. I have a great dislike for ID two groups, Crabs and Frogfish, both are a pain in the butt. http://www.frogfish.ch/image/frogfish-Anglerfisch/Antennarius-rosaceus/guest/Graham-Abbott-Antennarius-rosaceus.jpg

Carl-Johan Nilsson That pic was the decider for me, well that and the rosaceus Marli posted.

Boomer William Wing Carl where is Maril's post ?

Gianluca Guidetti Who can tell me what fish is this?

Ron Silver Frogfish

Fabio Ciorba A nice...frogfish !!!

Ilse Merz frogfish

Gianluca Guidetti Ok frogfish,but what kind?

Ron Silver where was photo taken?

Gianluca Guidetti Lembeh,November 2011.Dive spot TK1

Ron Silver Appears to be the Hispid or Shaggy Frogfish, Antennarius hispidus.

Gianluca Guidetti Thanh you very much Ron

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 03 Jan 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Vertebrata (Subphylum)
      Gnathostomata (Superclass)
        Pisces (Superclass)
          Actinopterygii (Class)
            Lophiiformes (Order)
              Antennariidae (Family)
                Antennarius (Genus)
                  Antennarius hispidus (Species)
Associated Species