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Padina pavonica

(Linnaeus) Thivy, 1960

Rab Ronaldson Common octopus Javea costa blanca,

Xsfred Ex Skater What are the round things that surround the octopus ?

Rab Ronaldson Xsfred I will have to look up my books for the name but its just an underwater plant we have lots of it here on the east coast of Spain.

Walter Ladenstein I know this plant - is called : Peacocks Tail, Padina pavonica,Trichteralge

Message posted on UWphotographers on 10 Aug 2013
Vito Giannecchini Parablennius Pilicornis che gioca a nascondino tra Padina Pavonica Calafuria Livorno 6 m di profondità

Giorgio Cavallaro (Y) (Y)

Message posted on UWphotographers on 01 Sep 2013
Adriano Morettin First tests with new snoot Retra LSD. Periclimenes amethysteus on padina pavonica. Grignano, Trieste, Adriatic Sea. Nikon D3X, Nikon 105 micro + 1 flash Seacam 150 with new snoot Retra LSD. 1/250 f. 22 100 Iso

Enzo Chen Great shot!

Cindy Alford Awsome

Chris Spence LSD? Trippy man! Another keeper Adriano! Brilliant.

Rui Bernardo what are the main diferences from your test version?

Luciano Cajelli Stratosferica, se basta !!!

Nadia Chiesi Adriano Morettin .... invidia e ammirazione ....!!! :-)

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 13 May 2012
Chromista (Kingdom)
  Harosa (Subkingdom)
    Heterokonta (Infrakingdom)
      Ochrophyta (Phylum)
        Phaeista (Subphylum)
          Limnista (Infraphylum)
            Fucistia (Superclass)
              Phaeophyceae (Class)
                Dictyotales (Order)
                  Dictyotaceae (Family)
                    Zonarieae (Tribe)
                      Padina (Genus)
                        Padina pavonica (Species)
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