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Sepia elegans

Blainville, 1827

Fabio Strazzi Sepia Elegans

Sara Tome muy buena foto

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 02 Sep 2013
Gianni Cicalese Sepia Elegans - Tulamben - Bali - Indonesia - Canon EOS500D Nimar Housing - ef-S 60 Macro - 2 x Inon Z-240

Ken Thongpila I didn't see this guy when I was there? Very nice shot and I love the angle too. What shutter speed, f-stop and ISO you used?

Gianni Cicalese f 18 - 1/200 - ISO 100

Martin Steinmeier Nice! Let the guy looking into the picture. From the right side to the middle. It is a standard sepia Pic: The light and the technique are good. Ken would say....Well done ! hehe

Ken Thongpila hehehe... You start getting to know me Martin :-) I'm not good with technical stuffs. That's why we need you to help us....

Jeff Stapleton graet shot of a cuttle fish

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 29 Sep 2011
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Cephalopoda (Class)
      Coleoidea (Subclass)
        Decapodiformes (Infraclass)
          Sepiida (Order)
            Sepiidae (Family)
              Sepia (Genus)
                Sepia elegans (Species)
Associated Species