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Heteranomia squamula

(Linnaeus, 1758)

David Fenwick Snr Hi I'm Dave, I've an interest in flatworms found intertidally in the UK. Have attached an image of what I think might be a cocoon forming flatworm and one I've yet to identify. A number of these cocoons / egg sacs were found in a corner of a fish box that was washed up at Porth Kidney Sands, near Hayle, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. The fish box also contained Lepas anatifera, the Common Stalked or Gooseneck Barnacle; Prickly Saddle Oyster (Heteranomia squamula); and one or two species of hydroid. The box has therefore probably been washed across the Atlantic from the USA, Canada or further. I'd b interested in any suggestions at all.

David Fenwick Snr Other images can be found on the following webpage http://www.aphotomarine.com/help_identify_marine_sea_ball_cocoon.html

Message posted on Marine Flatworms on 04 Jun 2012
David Kipling While we're on that same patch of silty barnacle reef face, can I ask whether small bivalves like this can be ID'd from in-field pictures like this, or can this only be done by bringing a sample back? Barnacles provide the scale. Skomer at ~ 15m.

David Kipling Is there an option on Marine Recorder for that?

David Kipling One of these days we'll do the proper spoof Surveyor form with the species arrangement on the back changed to colours (Yellow things, Red things, Squishy things....).

David Kipling Not that I would know what a Surveyor form looks like of course ...

David Kipling I can't multi-task, and it's not like Kate wants two forms from the same dive ...

David Kipling Gulp.

David Kipling I wonder if you two are in collusion here, a cunning scheme so I get the slate and Sarah therefore gets to use the Pen ...

Jan Light This looks like a saddle oyster, lower valve cemented?, barnacles as scale not that helpful though. Approx size? Also colonial growth on surface of shell makes specific determination tricky too. Not much further forward than oystery thing then :(

David Kipling Yes lower valve cemented. Are there multiple saddle oyster species Jan?

Jan Light Yes, Anomia ephippium, Pododesmus patelliformis, P. striata, Heteranomia squamula. Most likely I feel is P. patelliformis but I am not a diver and have only seen the species intertidally. Guess you know about this website for bivalves, but just to highlight its existence http://naturalhistory.museumwales.ac.uk/britishbivalves/home.php?

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Bivalvia (Class)
      Pteriomorphia (Subclass)
        Pectinoida (Order)
          Anomioidea (Superfamily)
            Anomiidae (Family)
              Heteranomia (Genus)
                Heteranomia squamula (Species)
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