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Mycale lingua

(Bowerbank, 1866)

Chris Wood Images of Anemones and Corals We are revising the Seasearch Guide to Anemones and Corals of Britain and Ireland with a view to publishing a second editiion this spring. If anybody has good images they would like us to have a look at please send them to chris@seasearch.org.uk Pictures need to be in situ, and taken in Britain and Ireland. We are interested particularly in images showing behaviour, predation, reproductive activity and those of the following less common species (no jewel anemones please!) Sarcodictyon roseum/catenatum Epizoanthus incrustans (sand/gravel habitat) Stomphia coccinea Anthopleura thallia (rock pools/SW) Aiptaisiogeton pellucidus (tiny, shallow, SW) Haliplanella lineata (harbours, rock pools) Anemonactis mazeli (deep water) Hacampoides elongatus/abyssorum Cataphellia brodricii Caryophyllia inornata Sphenotrochus andrewianus Hoplangia durotrix There is a free copy of the guide for anybody whose pictures we use of course.

Wendy Northway I'll go through my hubby's photos to see if he has anything of interest Chris.

Darryl Mayer I have some of Stomphia coccinea, Mycale lingua (L Sunart, 40m), Imperial Anemone (various colours). Kirsty Jeffery has Dead Men's Fingers "birthing", I've let them know about your call.

Tony Gilbert Chris, have emailed a selection including Sarcodictyon and Epizoanthus.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 05 Jan 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Porifera (Phylum)
    Demospongiae (Class)
      Poecilosclerida (Order)
        Mycalina (Suborder)
          Mycalidae (Family)
            Mycale (Genus)
              Mycale lingua (Species)
Associated Species