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Kirchenpaueria pinnata

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Bjørnar Nygård João Pedro Silva, the nudibranch in question might have been on the hydroid Kirchenpaueria pinnata, but I'm not sure.

João Pedro Silva Doto dunnei, I think.

Bjørnar Nygård Ok, thanks. I've collected the specimen and will send it to Jussi Evertsen.

Carissa Shipman So kool! Completely new!

Bernard Picton The shape of the tubercles is different to D. dunnei in my opinion. Trouble is the hydroid taxonomy isn't robust either plus some hydroids certainly support more than one species of Doto. Nemertesia species are particularly interesting, with Doto fragilis eating two species of Nemertesia, Doto pinnatifida one of these and Doto cuspidata the other.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 26 May 2013
Bjørnar Nygård Is this a Doto coronata ? I haven't seen one with color on the rhinophore sheaths before, and this much color pigmentation on the body. The size of this one is about 1cm, and it has 7 pairs of cerata on the back.

Christian Skauge Not D.coronata I think. Weird one! D. koenneckeri?

João Pedro Silva Which hydroid was it on?

Bjørnar Nygård It might have been on the hydroid Kirchenpaueria pinnata, but I'm not sure. I've posted a new picture of it on the hydroid.

Brendan Oonk D.koenneckeri has got comma-shaped dark spots on the cerata. This one hasn't. D.coronata has got red pigment on the base of the inside of the cerata, wich are visible here. So eventhough the I think the shape of the cerata is too elongated, my gues would be D.coronata

Bernard Picton This is very distinctive, with unusually elongated ceratal tubercles and their colouring. It is different to any of the Doto coronata group that I've seen before. I'd say probably a new species....

Christian Skauge That's what we like to hear :-D

Bjørnar Nygård Seems that I have to go back to the spot I found the nudi at, and see if I can find some more. I've sent this specimen to Jussi Evertsen.

Jussi Evertsen Hi Bjørnar, I am in the UK for a while so it may take some time before I can examine your specimen closer

Carissa Shipman wow!! I am intrigued, where was it collected?

Carissa Shipman so cool! I am in love! So much diversity!

Carissa Shipman Hey, can I use this photo for an upcoming conference? I want to use it to highlight the diversity of Dotos, which look similar to D. coronata. I am just astounded at how many there are!

Bjørnar Nygård Carissa Shipman this Doto was found during a dive just west of Bergen, Norway.

Carissa Shipman Thanks for the info. I will use it!

Brendan Oonk Bjørnar, Jussi Any news on this one yet?

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 25 May 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Cnidaria (Phylum)
    Hydrozoa (Class)
      Hydroidolina (Subclass)
        Leptothecata (Order)
          Conica (Suborder)
            Kirchenpaueriidae (Family)
              Kirchenpaueria (Genus)
                Kirchenpaueria pinnata (Species)
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