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Pleurobranchus peroni

Cuvier, 1804

Kévin Bourdon EDIT: IDENTIFY ;) Pleurobranchus peronii thanck you 정대위 I need your help to identify please ;) this photos took in Reunion island (Indian Ocean) the size are 5mm. Thancks

정대위 I think this may juvenile plwurobranchus peronii.

정대위 w→e :)

Kévin Bourdon ohhh yeah thanck you 정대위 ;)

Gary Cobb YES! This is a juvenile Pleurobranchus peronii

Gary Cobb Here is one we don't see to often on top of the substrate! Pleurobranchus peronii Cuvier, 1804

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 30 Aug 2011
Kévin Bourdon EDIT: IDENTIFY ;) Pleurobranchus peronii thanck you 정대위 I need your help to identify please ;) this photos took in Reunion island (Indian Ocean) the size are 5mm. Thancks

정대위 I think this may juvenile plwurobranchus peronii.

정대위 w→e :)

Kévin Bourdon ohhh yeah thanck you 정대위 ;)

Gary Cobb YES! This is a juvenile Pleurobranchus peronii

Shane Siers ID help? Pleurobranchid, ~20mm, under coral rubble at Twin Rocks, Anilao, ~35feet.

Gary Cobb This looks like a juvenile Pleurobranchus peronii http://www.nudibranch.com.au/pages/8112a.htm

Shane Siers That's how I was leaning, but my books & SSF just didn't fit quite right. Glad to know, thanks.

Gary Cobb You're quite welcome glad to help.

Shane Siers If you like the nudi pics, don't miss my videos at www.macronesia.net

Damian Hofman Any ideas what this little fella is?? It was found at Bare Island Sydney in 10m of water and was only about 6-8mm long?

Sarah Williamson Is it berthellina medietas?

Damian Hofman Trying to find some good pics of that, but not sure, I think it is very similar! But this one has coloured rhinophores.

Damian Hofman Juvenile Pleurobranchus peroni Cuvier, 1804???? maybe one of different coloured variants??

Sarah Williamson There is a red colouration in juveniles that looks similar...

Gary Cobb Pleurobranchus peronii juveniles are white

Gary Cobb That is what this is.

Damian Hofman Thanks Gary!

Gary Cobb Glad to help:)

Christopher Thorn Sand Island, Kending, Taiwan. 31/3/12. 5 m depth. approx 30 mm length.

Christopher Thorn Pleurobranchus peroni ?

Jeff Rosenfeld Yes

Patrik Good Nice, have never seen it on a clear sandy substrate (some spell it with two ii by the way)

Jerome Kim 2011. Nov,25 Secretbay point, Anilao, Batangas. Depth 10m

Deb Aston Pleurobranchus peronii

Andrew Thomson

Andrew Thomson found this nudi atBlairegowie pier last week, anybody know it's name?

Gary Cobb This looks like a juvenile Pleurobranchus peronii Cuvier, 1804

Andrew Thomson Thanks Gary

Gary Cobb You're quite welcome

Ashley Missen I Agree

Marcus Scheunemann Location: Hurghada/Egypt, Depth: 10 m, Size: 7 mm. Any ideas?

Ron Silver Could be a juvenile Ssidegill slug, Pleurobranchus peroni?

Lindz Warren Unliely to be a Pleurobranchus - rhinophores are clubs not rolled and not in right position. Also it looks as if there is a dorsal gill plume but it is fully retracted in this photo.

Patrik Good Agree with Lindz. Pleurobranchus peronii are very interestingly going through a colour change when they grow as far as I know. I see lots of them. Beautiful white, then yellow-orange, then purple or dark red. Unlike their adults they are not hiding during the day which suggests that their diet is different too. The critter on this picture is a hard one. Am trying to ID a similar or identical one at the moment. André's Platydoris is certainly an option but it could also be a Rostanga. And with Discodorids nobody seems to know for sure. Mine could even be a Jorunna. Not sure if this helps. Hope some experts will lean out of the window for that one.

Marli Wakeling Is this your only photo, Marcus Scheunemann? I was wondering if you have one showing the gills?

Marcus Scheunemann Hey Marli Wakeling sorry, I was busy with travelling. There is another macro picture I will support you with, but just after one more day. Thanks for all your help so far!

Marcus Scheunemann Another photo, but the gills are retrcted as well ... what a pitty. I watched this one (by the way, night dive) for some minutes (~10 minutes) and never were able to observe gills at all.

Marli Wakeling I think it may be a Rostanga sp.

Sven Kahlbrock Rostanga sound familiar to me, found one before too, but can´t find pic atm ;-)

Marcus Scheunemann If you have another pic, maybe it becomes clearer

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 31 Oct 2013
Gary Cobb Species list from our 2 dives 29-03-2013 23 Species found at Ridges, Caloundra. Perfect no wind surface conditions, a bit a swell running, some surge, 26C water temp, 5m viz. 1st dive/2nd dive. *most species found this outing. Chromodoris splendida (AU) /4 Dermatobranchus cf. primus 1/1 Dermatobranchus ornatus 3/4 Doriprismatica atromarginata 1/1 Doto sp.1 /4 Flabellina rubrolineata 1/1 Glossodoris vespa (AU) 1/1 Hexabranchus sanguineus /1 Hypselodoris aff. maculosa 1 Hypselodoris jacksoni 3/2 *Hypselodoris obscura (AU) 6/6 Hypselodoris sagamiensis 1 Hypselodoris tryoni 2 Phyllidia coelestis 1 Phyllidia ocellata 1/1 Phyllidia varicosa 3 Phyllidiella lizae 2 Phyllidiella pustulosa 2 Phyllodesmium magnum 1/1 Pleurobranchus peronii /1 Pteraeolidia ianthina 1 Sagaminopteron ornatum 1/2 Trinchesia sibogae 5/3

Kieren Curry Hey Guys about half way through the is an orange and brown Nudi anybody can to identify? Enjoy!

Gary Cobb The first Nudibranch at 1.23 is Syphnota geographica, the one at 1.34 (very short footage) is Plocamopherus imperialis and the one at 1.36 is Pleurobranchus peronii.

Kieren Curry wow that was fast Thankxs Gary :)

Gary Cobb Only too glad to help!

Ashley Missen I agree with Gary

Kieren Curry cheers Ash! Will be filming more Nudis soon :)

Ashley Missen Thanks Kieren

Nick Hope "Pleurobranchus peroni" or "Pleurobranchus peronii"? Which is more correct?

Marli Wakeling http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=599477

Nick Hope Thanks Marli Wakeling. But then it's spelt with 1 i in plenty of "authoratitive" places too. Can WoRMS be taken as THE authority on this type of issue?

Jim Anderson I tend to follow WORMS as the authority ....... but!!!

Marli Wakeling I see what you mean. One needs to establish whether Peron is male or female. That will be the definitive answer.

Nick Hope I'll trot off a quick email to Georges Cuvier. I wonder if he's on facebook...

João Pedro Silva Always thought Cuvier was more of a Linkedin fan. I'm not sure of Cuvier's intention but might it be as hommage to François Péron? Apparently they knew each other (maybe through Linkedin...).

Nick Hope João Pedro Silva So I need to start adding an acute accent to all of my é's... or maybe it was Juan Perón, in which case the accent goes on the ó's... or maybe he just liked to taste of Peroni beer

Sylvie Omnès latin grammar, too old for me !

Patrik Good Probably a juvenile Pleurobranchus peronii. Goldcoast Seaway, 29/7/2012, depth 3m, size 11mm. It is good to have this species back at the Seaway. It had gone for a couple of months. Now it is back in all development stages, sizes and colours. This individual was found in between rocks, clinging to the ceiling.

Blogie Robillo Which Pleurobranchus species is this? P. forskalii? P. peronii? Photo taken during a night dive, in about 40 feet of water.

Jeff Rosenfeld Pretty sure it's Pleurobranchus peroni Cuvier, 1804.

Blogie Robillo Thanks Jeff Rosenfeld!

Deb Aston Pleurobranchus ?

Deb Aston Pleurobranchus peronii, juvenille and colour variation. Again many thanks to Gary Cobb

Ryan Pearson Hey all, I'm new to this... thought you all could probably ID a few of these faster than I could :P

Gary Cobb I can't comment on the photos (Doh!) so here I go again....pic 1 and 10 Chromodoris verrieri (Cross, 1875), Pic 3 and 7 and 8 Pleurobranchus peronii Cuvier, 1804, pic 11 correct, pic 15 Syphonota geographica (Adams & Reeve, 1850), pic 16 Chromodoris cf. reticulata or as some say Chromodoris tinctoria but that species has white gills, pic 17 Hydatina physics (Linnaeus, 1758)

Ryan Pearson Wow, thanks Gary! :)

Gary Cobb My pleasure! Happy branching

Tracey Howley ? Unsure ID Please....... 1/2m water, about the size of an orange, Norfolk Island. I was very excited...

Bernard Cauchard great

Ron Silver Pleurobranchus peroni (sidegill slug)

Tracey Howley thanks ron.... it was just striking....

Tracey Howley thanks Ron...it was just striking.

Ron Silver The pleurobranchs as a group are quite impressive, both size and coloration. Thanx for posting.

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 12 Oct 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Pleurobranchomorpha (Order)
            Pleurobranchoidea (Superfamily)
              Pleurobranchidae (Family)
                Pleurobranchus (Genus)
                  Pleurobranchus peroni (Species)
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