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Noumea haliclona

(Burn, 1957)

Ashley Missen So how many Noumea haliclona's are in this 1 photo from Flinders Pier Victoria Australia

Larry Davis A lot...

Phil Mercurio I see 4, possibly a 5th in shadow...

Larry Davis I counted 12 so far

Phil Mercurio 12?!

Larry Davis It's a small picture.. Looking in the lower left I believe I see some... in the center I see what appears to be 6...

Ashley Missen so the white bits are eggs and basically anything that is slighly different pink is a nudi - guys more like 30

Susannah Erbe what a superb photo- great for brushing up on the spotting skills - nice one Ashley :-)

Geoffrey Van Damme 100's of noumea haliclona ,Blairgowrie less than 5mm.

Vinicius Padula Amazing!

Geoffrey Van Damme noumea haliclona Blairgowrie,nearly 4 months later 19-1-2013 same spot as other photo 25-9-2012 below.

Ashley Missen Nice find

Deb Aston Wow eggs laid on the sponge and hatched on the sponge. This has got to win the most nudi in one pic competition.

Kristen Soong I was trying to look for the nudi and didn't realise that they're all around the sponge!! Gotta love this shot!!

Geoffrey Van Damme noumea haliclona Blairgowrie ,25-9-2012

Mark Farrer Noumea haliclona Blairgowrie Pier - Port Phillip Bay - Victoria - Australia Length <10mm. Depth 5m. Temp 18 Deg

Ashley Missen Nice shot - Correct ID - Perfect Format AM RCW

Mark Farrer Thank you RCW

Gary Cobb Noumea haliclona (Burn, 1957) taken 16-10-2011 at Old Woman Island Sunshine Coast.

Ken Thongpila Wow! that's something very new for me and so beautiful... Love it :-)

Gary Cobb Yes this species is quite striking!

Geoffrey Van Damme Flinders pier 8mm

Mark Jones Excellent. How was Flinders. Was this day or night. I can count 5 in this shot. Camera is booming mate.

Geoffrey Van Damme Hi Mark ,thanks alot mate .It was pretty good mate nice rainbow when i got out.

Geoffrey Van Damme Day time.

Gary Cobb This is Noumea haliclona (Burn, 1957) all 5 of them!

Mark Farrer Blairgowrie 6/4/2012 5m approx 15mm in length so you can try and guess how big the baby is

Patrik Good only saw the juvenile to the right and the nudi spawn to the left now. Amazing photo and nice critter. Did you get an ID on it?

Mark Farrer Thanks Patrik i believe this to be Noumea haliclona (Burn 1957)

Mark Farrer Blairgowrie 1/4/2012 5mtrs approx 15mm long

Deb Aston Noumea haliclona?

Mark Farrer I think your right Deb but as i leave the ID side of things to the experts

Ashley Missen Deb is now an expert as she went to the Nudibranch workshop in PNG

Deb Aston I have gained lots of knowledge but not quite at expert level yet. Still much to learn.

Ashley Missen Must get your notes from Richard on sorting out Phyllidiidae's

Mark Farrer Blairgowrie 12/2/2012 5.5mtrs Could someone please id for me

Mark Jones Amazing. A newbie. Any other new ones today. You are taking great shots.

Mark Farrer Thanks Mark had a great teacher ;), yeah i found this and the 1 below found on a prickly rose.

Mark Jones I didn't teach you that. Thats all you with good gear.

Mark Farrer This little nudi is no more tha 12mm long seriously small

PT Hirschfield I told him the dive objective was ti discover new pink nudis, and he just went straight to them about 5 mins after we entered the water - freaky skills indeed! :-S

Mark Farrer I was determind to find the pink nudis that are found on the prickly rose and we were lucky enough to find them and this little pink nudi.

Mark Jones The PT nudi.

Mark Farrer PT was very happy

Ashley Missen Noumea haliclona (Burn 1957) - Please send data in as its a new one for the site Cheers Ash

Mark Farrer So does that means i was the first to find this Nudi at Blairgowrie

Ashley Missen Could Be

Mark Jones Did I say that I found several the other day but left them for you to find :) . I wish.

Andrew Thomson Well done Mark

PT Hirschfield The Amigo nudi, methinks :-D

Ashley Missen Noumea haliclona (Burn 1957) - Did some one delete my post

Ken Thongpila Looked like you found something that someone haven't seen before at the Pier Mark Farrer :-) Nice find.... and nice shot btw.

Mark Farrer Thanks Ken

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Euctenidiacea (Suborder)
              Doridacea (Infraorder)
                Doridoidea (Superfamily)
                  Chromodorididae (Family)
                    Noumea (Genus)
                      Noumea haliclona (Species)
Associated Species