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Phyllognathia simplex

Fujino, 1973a

Alan Lo Phyllognathia Simplex Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

Iris Dielhenn extraordinary! never heard or seen of ... Deeply impressed, thnx for showing, Alan!

Ron Silver Closely related to the Tiger Shrimp (Phyllognathia ceratophthalmus) and Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera sp.) but much smaller (est. 5 to 8mm). Nice pic. Thanx.

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 20 Feb 2013
Ben Sarinda BROKEN BACK SHRIMP Canon EOS 5D III f/29 , iso200 , 1/125 , 100mm + inon macro wetlens , dual inon strobe. Lembeh strait - Indonesia at Yos Dive Lembeh

Ron Silver nice! ID?

Mike Bartick I ID'd it but i dont see the post...

Mike Bartick Phyllognathia simplex ,,Part of the harlequin/tiger shrimp complex...

Ron Silver Thanx, Mike!

Ben Sarinda Thank you Mike Bartick..!!

Juan Jose Sotano Garcia Fantastic Shot Ben Sarinda

Suzan Meldonian thats the best one of these that i have seen Ben Sarinda

Fabio Strazzi very nice

Ben Sarinda Thank you Suzan and Fabio..!!

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 20 Jul 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Arthropoda (Phylum)
    Crustacea (Subphylum)
      Malacostraca (Class)
        Eumalacostraca (Subclass)
          Eucarida (Superorder)
            Decapoda (Order)
              Pleocyemata (Suborder)
                Caridea (Infraorder)
                  Palaemonoidea (Superfamily)
                    Hymenoceridae (Family)
                      Phyllognathia (Genus)
                        Phyllognathia simplex (Species)
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