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Hermaea evelinemarcusae

K.R. Jensen, 1993

Geoffrey Van Damme hermaea evelinemarcusae i think, Blairgowrie about 8mm 6mtr.

Gary Cobb Yes I do believe you are correct!

Geoffrey Van Damme

Geoffrey Van Damme Looking back at some old pics i found this it may be the same kind i posted a few days ago .I thought it was my first but maybe not .This too was from Blairgowrie ,taken 11/10/09 4mtr depth about 15 mm.

Geoffrey Van Damme Maybe another Hermaea evelinemarcusae, Ash

Ashley Missen Could Be

Gary Cobb Yes I think this is just that. The description says it is pink as well.


Mark Jones The Blairgowrie experience continues. New Nudis all the time. Great find.

Mark Farrer Great find Geoff well done and another new newbie for Blairgowrie

Ashley Missen Don't forget to send it in to data@nudibase.com and I will add it to the System

Geoffrey Van Damme This is another new one for me .

Gary Cobb Another new what??

Gary Cobb Looks like Hermaea sp. nice find! May I use this in the new Australia/New Zealand App update? What was it's length? Is this photo the best one you have? Nice!

Gary Cobb What was the size????

Ashley Missen Gary could this Be Hermaea evelinemarcusae Jensen, 1993

Gary Cobb You know Ash you might be onto something here! I am quite happy with this call and did not have it in the new App! How did this get missed?? I will change the name in the App v2.0 to this species...nice work.

Ashley Missen Thanks Gary - promise not to let my head get to big

Mark Farrer With a bit of luck i hope to spot this little Nudie tomorrow morning.

Mark Farrer Blairgowrie 29/11/12 Size: <10mm , Depth: 5.0m Need help with the ID please guys

Floor Driessen Looks as Hermaea bifida to me. (The enrolled rhinophores indicate that this is a sacoglossan sea slug)

Mark Farrer Thanks Floor Driessen

Cindy Alford Awsome!!!!!!!

Steve Wright Blairgowrie turning it on again!!

Mark Farrer Sure is Steve Wright

Ashley Missen Hi Richard Willan here using Ashley's account. Yes; it's a sap-sucker (Sacoglossa), and a species of Hermaea, but not Hermaea bifida. It's actually a new species. Good on you.

Mark Farrer And this Ashley Missen

Gary Cobb I think this is Hermaea evelinemarcusae Jensen, 1993 an endemic here in Australia.

Mark Farrer Blairgowrie 29/11/12 Size: <5mm , Depth: 5.0m Need help with the ID please guys

Ashley Missen I will get Dr Richard Willan to have a look saturday night - Nice shot

René Weterings Hermaea bifida! For sure!

Mark Farrer Thanks Ash

Mark Farrer Thanks René Weterings

Brendan Oonk I agree with Hermea. Why H. bifida René?

Floor Driessen http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=mollusca&id=727

Floor Driessen I wasn't really aware of the site (Australia instead of Europe) the species is found.. After some site-seeing I found another Australian Hermaea sp.: Hermaea evelinemarcusae (?) > http://www.nudipixel.net/photo/00039367/ (But I still think it's H. bifida)

Cindy Alford Great Nudi shot.....

René Weterings Oops...I was thinking of the UK..not Aussie...so I guess it isn't H. bifida.

Ashley Missen Richard here again. This is another new species of Hermaea. It's not Hermaea bifida because that is much greener. Marvellous photos!

Mark Farrer For some reason i though it was this Ashley Missen

Michael Liarakos I clearly wouldn't know what this is, but I do know its a great shot!

Mark Farrer Thanks Michael Liarakos

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Sacoglossa (Order)
            Plakobranchacea (Suborder)
              Limapontioidea (Superfamily)
                Hermaeidae (Family)
                  Hermaea (Genus)
                    Hermaea evelinemarcusae (Species)
Associated Species