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Elysia expansa

(O'Donoghue, 1924)

Geoffrey Van Damme elysia expansa Blairgowrie 30mm 5mtr.

Geoffrey Van Damme A couple of elysia expansa

Mark Farrer Elysia expansa Blairgowrie 17/11/12 approx 70mm long

Geoffrey Van Damme elysia expansa

Mark Farrer Jervis Bay 6mtrs approx 40mm long Could this be Elysia expansa

Geoffrey Van Damme Blairgowrie 3.5mtr 4cm elysia expansa

Andrew Thomson PLAKOBRANCHILDE-Elysia Expansa, this is the first time I have seen these and found 4 in a small area approx 80-90mm in length.

Geoffrey Van Damme 50mm Blairgowrie

Gary Cobb This looks just like Elysia expansa

Geoffrey Van Damme Blairgowrie 4cm 4mtr

Geoffrey Van Damme elysia expansa

Kristin Anderson Please let me know if this is Elysia expansa? Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Blogie Robillo Yup, I do believe this one's Elysia ornata. Beautiful shot too!

Cynthia D. Trowbridge careful, guys... as soon as our molecular paper comes out, you will learn that this is a highly problematic ID. I cannot say more until the revisions are approved.

Kristin Anderson so when does that get approved and what should I do in the meantime ;)

Cynthia D. Trowbridge Hi Kristin, I am not sure what you mean "what do you do" as I am not sure why it matters...science? photography? personal interest? EIS? I also cannot "answer" when as reviewers and journals take their own time. Basically, we are splitting the "species" and, without internal anatomy and/or DNA, there will be only a limited ability to retrospectively ID photos as color patterns are the worst indicators of identity.

Cynthia D. Trowbridge Kristin, Let's take this over to email (cdt@uoregon.edu) and we could talk further. Hope that is okay?

Ashley Missen A new Elysia sp. ?? for me under Blairgowrie Pier Victoria Australia 2 found 4m depth 25mm long 13 deg temp - any ideas people

Lindz Warren Possibly Elysia flava Verrill, 1901?

Chandy de Wit Elysia virdis? Have found them in Perth WA waters, 14 degrees from 3mm- 2.5 cm?? @ Around 4m depth in algal bloom.. That was the closest ID I could find ??

Lindz Warren I don't think so. E. viridis is supposed to be an Atlantic & Mediterranean species although it could have been spread. But the appearance of Ashley Missen's specimen does not seem to fit the description. See http://www.seaslugforum.net/showall/elysviri

Lindz Warren But I could be wrong ;-)

Chandy de Wit I just went with the first one that came up on nudipixel? My ID may be wrong but these look like the same Nudi???

Chandy de Wit This particular one was also 25mm, the largest we found here in the coolest months, they seem to have gone dormant with the rising water temperature?

Lindz Warren Sorry I meant to refer to Ashley's specimen and have corrected my earlier comment. Does Ashley Missen have another shot of the same specimen?

João Pedro Silva I think you're right, Lindz Warren.

Gary Cobb Elysia flava is a west Atlantic species I don't think this is that.

Gary Cobb The closest I could see is Elysia obtusa. The black margin does not fit this species. I would say Elysia cf. obtusa

Gary Cobb Strangely Ashs animal looks just like Elysia subornata from the west Atlantic!

Ashley Missen Thanks guys for the suggestion my dive buddy Danny will post some other angles

Kirstie Knowles Seeing Bob Burn next weekend Ash. Will show him the pics too if ok n add his suggestions to the mix.

Ashley Missen you might want to grab Danny's shot too

Gary Cobb After seeing the new photo this is Elysia expansa.

Ashley Missen Thanks Gary

Kirstie Knowles Hi Gary - for those of us learning can you explain why you think it's E. expansa? I didn't think they held their parapodia together like this? Thanks.

Gary Cobb Simple...when the animal is at rest the parapodia margins tend to "curl up". This has been my observation.

Gary Cobb The opaque white "frosting" on the rhinophores is characteristic. And the white frosting and black margin.

Kirstie Knowles Thank-you :)

Gary Cobb You're quite welcome!

Gary Cobb This is Elysia expansa! This photo shows it all. Thank you.

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Sacoglossa (Order)
            Plakobranchacea (Suborder)
              Plakobranchoidea (Superfamily)
                Plakobranchidae (Family)
                  Elysia (Genus)
                    Elysia expansa (Species)
Associated Species