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Hypselodoris babai

Gosliner & Behrens, 2000

Gary Cobb Let's do a little survey everyone! WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE NUDIBRANCH? (Photos please) here is mine, Hypselodoris babai

Gary Cobb Be sure to start your thread... My favourite Nudibranch is . . .

Gary Cobb How about Nose Flapping! Hypselodoris babai Gosliner & Behrens, 2000 32mm long

Gary Cobb Thought I would post a better shot of my favourite Nudibranch. Hypselodoris babai Gosliner & Behrens, 2000 Here is a small movie... http://www.nudibranch.com.au/Hypselodoris%20babai.mov

Ken Thongpila That's good one Gary why you like this guy?

Gary Cobb The rarity of this species as well as the brilliant colouration!! We have only ever seen it once in 9 years. And she you first lay your eyes upon it you go WOW!

Ken Thongpila Wow! that's sound amazing..... OK this one is on the wish list now...

Ken Thongpila @Gary Cobb I came across with something and I just wonder is it true? Pteraeolidia Ianthina doesn't need to eat for a month?

Gary Cobb That is true Ken it uses the sun light in its cerata!

Ken Thongpila Wow! and that is one of the reasons, they are everywhere in the world !!!

Gary Cobb Probably so and they hoard their egg mass like protect it.

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Euctenidiacea (Suborder)
              Doridacea (Infraorder)
                Doridoidea (Superfamily)
                  Chromodorididae (Family)
                    Hypselodoris (Genus)
                      Hypselodoris babai (Species)
Associated Species