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Phyllodoce groenlandica

Örsted, 1842

Erling Svensen Could this be Phyllodoce goenlandica - or is there another one that looks like this?

Bernard Picton Beautiful, Andrew Mackie can probably give you an answer.

Erling Svensen Thanks Bernard. I have sent him 2 pictures.

Andrew Mackie I don't think it is Phyllodoce groenlandica. The blue colour is interesting. From the Flash? I have seen 2 photos of a very blue Phyllodoce taken by divers that is puzzling. Your photo reminds me somewhat of Phyllodoce lineata. I'll have a look at your other photos ...

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 06 Nov 2013
João Pedro Silva This fairly large polychaete was found under a small rock during a shallow dive (3-4m deep). It was ~30cm long but only 5mm in width. Was using extension tubes and diopters so it was impossible to get the entire animal. Shot in Alpertuche, Arrábida, Portugal (38.46713, -8.9891), 23rd of January of 2012.

Erling Svensen No, it is not in that family. This is some kind of Phyllodocidae. In Norway Phyllodoce groenlandica is quite common.

João Pedro Silva I agree with Phyllodocidae but can't find much info on which species might be found here.

Erling Svensen Frederik Plejel is a specialist on these nice polychaetes. Try to send him an email.

Bernard Picton Erling do you know if Frederik is on FB? I could try Andy Mackie from National Museum of Wales too. If these experts aren't already on FB we'll have to see how to seduce them on. FB gets a lot of bad press and many people are frightened that it will suck up their lives or they will get bombarded with stuff to buy that they don't want.

Erling Svensen I do not know. I emailed him 2 weeks ago and got an answere. Try this: http://www.tmbl.gu.se/staff/FredrikPleijel.html

Bernard Picton OK, I've asked Mikael Thollesson, he'll probably know...

João Pedro Silva I've sent an email to Fredrik Pleijel and ceased the opportunity to tell him about this group.

Bernard Picton *siezed - first time I've caught you out though!

João Pedro Silva Sorry, Bernard.

Bernard Picton Not at all, your English is superb! ;-)

João Pedro Silva Thanks, Bernard... but my portuguese is better :) Just got an error message saying the server couldn't find the Fredrik.Pleijel@tmbl.gu.se address.

Bernard Picton OK, I've asked Mikael Thollesson who is in the same institution, different field station I think.

Bernard Picton It would be good to get the Swedish group on board, they ran a great workshop in August 2010 and have a taxonomy initiative.

Kate Lock Jon Moore do you think Pete Barfield would know??

Bernard Picton Andrew Mackie - we had this one a few weeks ago.

Erling Svensen P. groenlandica, or?,

Andrew Mackie Could be P. groenlandica, butv there are other large Phyllodoce spp. Try Fred fredrik.pleijel At marecol.gu.se

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 06 Feb 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Annelida (Phylum)
    Polychaeta (Class)
      Aciculata (Subclass)
        Phyllodocida (Order)
          Phyllodociformia (Suborder)
            Phyllodocidae (Family)
              Phyllodocinae (Subfamily)
                Phyllodoce (Genus)
                  Phyllodoce groenlandica (Species)
Associated Species