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Rudarius ercodes

Jordan & Fowler, 1902

Scubashooters Dot Net From scubashooters.net Editor's Choice Oh! Oh! Upload Date: July 01 2013 Scientific Name: Rudarius ercodes Common Name: Filefish Juvenile Location: Lembeh Strait, Manado, Indonesia. Diving Center: Lembeh Hills Dive Resort Lens: Nikkor 105mm …

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 04 Jul 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Chordata (Phylum)
    Vertebrata (Subphylum)
      Gnathostomata (Superclass)
        Pisces (Superclass)
          Actinopterygii (Class)
            Tetraodontiformes (Order)
              Monacanthidae (Family)
                Rudarius (Genus)
                  Rudarius ercodes (Species)
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