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Gammarus pulex

Linnaeus, 1758

Murat Özbek Dear Friends, Do you know anything about amphipod culture? This type of aquaculture seems so interesting for me. As much as I know, it is making in China. Do you have one in your country? Any information on this topic will be welcome :)

Ormphipod Wongkamhaeng My friend in Bangkok, Thailand rears Grandidierella gilesi in his aquarium. http://www.siamensis.org/webboard/topic/6679

Ormphipod Wongkamhaeng http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib-WBaCtaJg Another amphipod from seagrass bed are living in aquarium. Both are not really amphipod culture but can be in the future.

Jessika Alves In the laboratory that I work, we don't have special methods to maintain amphipod culture, but all of us aquariums with algae or rock have amphipods. it's interesting.

Ivan A. Hinojosa In the Marin Thiel Lab ( http://www.bedim.cl ) we maintained Perampithoe femorata for several months only by changing the algae which they use to live once a week (Macrocystis). Their population increased dramatically.

Stas Malavin http://www.water-paradise.de/Mexikanische-Bachflohkrebse.htm

Stas Malavin Воробьёва А.А. 2004 Культивирование некоторых видов каспийских ракообразных в рыбоводных хозяйствах. - Астрахань: Изд-во КаспНИРХ, 142 стр Брискина Ðœ.Ðœ. 1956. Методика разведения низших ракообразных и гаммарид на Чайкендском рыбоводном заводе // Аннотац. к раб., выполн. ВНИРО в 1955 г. Сб.1. Ðœ. С.5-9. Брискина Ðœ.Ðœ. 1960. Pontogammarus robustoides как объект разведения на рыбоводных заводах // Информ. сб. ВНИРО. â„– 9. Воробьева А.А., Ноконова Р.С. 1987. Ð"аммариды Dikerogammarus haemobaphes и Niphargoides maeoticus как объект культивирования // Ð"идробиол. ж-л. Т.23. â„– 6. С.52-56. Загубиженко Н.И., Кораблева А.И. 1986. Итоги и перспективыц работ по зоокультуре бокоплава Pontogammarus maeoticus в водоеме интенсивного комплексного использования // Первое совещ. по пробл. зоокультуры. Тезисы докл. Ч.3. Ðœ., С.29-31. Летникова Т.Ð’. 1964. Биологическое обоснование использования гаммарид как корма для молоди осетровых // Аннотации работ, выполненных АзНИИРХ по плану исслед. 1962 г. Ростов/Ð"он. С.151-153. Жемаева 1988 Asellus aquaticus l. и Gammarus pulex l. как объекты интродукции в рыбоводные пруды

Stas Malavin Do you read in Russian? I could get pdfs, recognize them for machine translation, or help with translation by myself, if you're interested.

Murat Özbek Unfortunatelly, I can't :-( As much as I could understand, they are what I am looking for. If you can help, it will be nice!

Murat Özbek AA Vorobyov 2004 Cultivation of certain Caspian crustaceans in fish farms. - Astrakhan: Izd CaspNIRKh, 142 pp. Briskina MM 1956. Dilution technique and the lower crustaceans gammarids on Chaykendskom hatchery will win ... de / / Abstract. to the slave. satisfied. VNIRO Sb.1 in 1955. M. P.5-9. Briskina MM 1960. Pontogammarus robustoides as the object of breeding in hatcheries / / Inform. Sat VNIRO. Number 9. Vorobyev, AA, RS Nokonova 1987. Gammarids Dikerogammarus haemobaphes Niphargoides maeoticus and culture as an object / / Gidrobiol. wl. T.23. № 6. P.52-56. Zagubizhenko NI Korablev AI 1986. Results and perspektivyts works ZOOCULTURE amphipod Pontogammarus maeoticus in intensive pond complex use / / First soveshch. by probl. ZOOCULTURE. Proc. P.3. M., P.29-31. Letnikova TV 1964. The biological rationale for the use as feed for gammarid sturgeon / / Annotations work performed AzNIIRH plan issled. 1962 Rostov / Don. P.151-153. Zhemaeva 1988 Asellus aquaticus l. and Gammarus pulex l. as objects of introduction of fish ponds

Murat Özbek From the google translate :-)

Stas Malavin I will look for them in our library and make copies.

Murat Özbek Thank you Stas :-)

Message posted on AMPHIPODA on 24 Aug 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Arthropoda (Phylum)
    Crustacea (Subphylum)
      Malacostraca (Class)
        Eumalacostraca (Subclass)
          Peracarida (Superorder)
            Amphipoda (Order)
              Gammaridea (Suborder)
                Gammarida (Infraorder)
                  Gammaridae (Family)
                    Gammarus (Genus)
                      Gammarus pulex (Species)
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