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Hydatina physis

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Ben Sarinda Brown lined paperbubble / Hydatina physis Olympus EPL 3,f/22,iso200,1/64,dual sea&sea strobe YS-D1 10x subsee + 8x Dyron lens Lembeh strait - Indonesia at YOS Dive Lembeh at Ben's Meeting Point

Scipione Mannacio Soderini Gran bello scatto - great shot. :)

Ilan Lubitz beautiful pic =D

Scubashooters Dot Net Lovely!!!!

Message posted on Scubashooters.net on 28 Apr 2013
Jun V Lao Hydatina Physis, July 23 2011, 5 mtrs, 22c, night dive, Nha Trang Vn beach front

Zara Arzadon nice!

Jun V Lao tnks zara a :)

Jun Tags love the eyes!

Alan Lo brown-lined paperbubble Hydatina physis @ anilao, philippines

Elena Gosman Que bonitoooo !!!

Ron Silver :-D

Message posted on Wetpixel Underwater Photography on 15 Nov 2013
Jun V Lao 5m, night, 24c, basura anilao

Blogie Robillo Wow, pretty! But...is this a nudi? That's a shell on its back, isn't it?

Jun V Lao wondering as well, looks similar to hydatina physis which has shell as well?

Gary Cobb This is Tanea undulata or Zebra Moon Snail it is not a nudibranch!! Don't be fooled by these impostors they want to fool you and win your attention!!

David Ennew wanabe nudis just never make it in nudi society

Blogie Robillo Still, it's a beautiful animal. It doesn't belong here, but I hope it finds a home too. :)

Jun V Lao apologies on post, shall we remove mods?

Patrick Preston II I say leave it. It's a nice pic, and it may help other members that come across it in the future.

Neil Andoque great shot chief :)

Jun V Lao hi Neil, thanks for the night dive chief last wkend

Neil Andoque no prob buddy.. ha ha ha :) sorry I keep on leaving you behind :)

Jun V Lao was dark chief hehehe :D

Neil Andoque yeah and I thought you were really someone else :) ha ha ha

BlackLamella Cowrie Cowrie Nauticam housing,Nikon D300s + Nikon 105 mm +16 F.I.T F 36 , 1/200 , iso 200 Eilat, Israel " ב-Eilat Israel.

Ron Silver This is actually a headshield slug, commonly called a bubble shell. Hydatina physis.

Message posted on Wetpixel Underwater Photography on 21 Apr 2013
Nurul 'uyuy' Akriliyati This little tiny creature is only 5-7mm long. What is this?-Padang Bai, Bali-

Belgis Mangimbulude looks like "hydatina physis"

Ron Silver Appears to be a headshield slug( Cephalaspidea), possibly Micromelo undatus.

Cameron Easton I agree with Ron - looks just like the picture of M. undata

Nurul 'uyuy' Akriliyati Wooohooo. Thank you again Ron and Cameron.

Nurul 'uyuy' Akriliyati Thank you Belgis

HM Fineke what creator?

Manfred Mitter Nudi cantik ;-)

Message posted on UWphotographers on 22 Jul 2013
Max Plank Hydatina physis (Rose Petal Bubble) Canon 550D 100mm Macro 1/125 f8 ISO200 YS-110a's Nelson Bay, Australia

Ken Thongpila woo hook another photo from my favourite macro dive site :-) Nice shot Maximilian :-) Love the angle and face details.

Dennis Corpuz hey bro I remember this fellow seen sometimes yet super small, nice!

Max Plank Those one are actually rather big. About 8cm that one was

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 20 Mar 2012
Patrik Good Actually, I found 17 opisthobranch species on this dive. Here is the problem ID: Gold Coast Seaway, Australia, depth 2 metres, size 7mm. Any help appreciated. Sorry, no clear photo. But I collected it and it clearly shows black or dark brown rhinophores.

Patrik Good Doublecounted one. Here is the list @ 16/8/2012: Aeolidiella alba (7), Bullina lineata (4), Ceratosoma tenue (1), Elysia ? (1), Goniobranchus albonares (5), Goniobranchus decorus (10), Goniobranchus cf. reticulatus (1), Goniobranchus geometricus (10), Goniodoridella sp. 1 (10), Gymnodoris alba (1), Hydatina physis (1), Hypselodoris obscura (20), Micromelo undulata (1), Noumea simplex, two colour variations (5), Thorunna sp. (2), Trinchesia yamasui (1)

Erwin Koehler I' d like to do a guess on what I see: Elysia sp.

Gary Cobb Because of the quality of the photo I would say Elysia sp. too!

Patrik Good Thank you, Erwin and Gary. Certainly not easy to ID based on this photo.

Patrik Good 12/5/2012 Nightdive Southport Seaway, 3 metres, 23 degree, size about 10mm. Is this Noumea simplex? Am a bit confused with the yellow border. Found one similar on nudibranch.com.au but would appreciate a confirmation or the proper ID.

Deb Aston Looks like Noumea simplex to me.

Gary Cobb I would say this very well could be Glossodoris carlsoni Rudman, 1986

Patrik Good Thanks, Deb.

Patrik Good Hmm, need to investigate then as it might be No. 99 for the Seaway if I am not mistaken. Thanks, Gary.

Gary Cobb Nice work!

Patrik Good Due to the lack of regular white specks in the mantle (and of me collecting this critter) we have decided that the hunt for No. 99 is still open at the Seaway.

Patrik Good 6 Opisthobranchs found that dive: Chromodoris cf. reticulata (1), Hydatina physis (3), Glossodoris carlsoni without official status (1), Discodoris palma (2), Goniodoridella sp. 1 (1), Favorinus japonicus (1). The beautiful nudi spawn eating Favorinus japonicus looked very healthy, big and was crawling fast. Didn't find the usual abundancy of Goniodoridellas.

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
         Heterobranchia (Infraclass)
          Acteonoidea (Superfamily)
            Aplustridae (Family)
              Hydatina (Genus)
                Hydatina physis (Species)
Associated Species