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Hypselodoris maculosa

(Pease, 1871)

Tan Pee Pheng Hypselodoris maculosa Canon PowerShot G9 and sea&sea YS110 manual mode f/4.5 1/500s ISO 80 dive site Tanjung Api Tenggol Island Malaysia

Message posted on UWphotographers on 30 Aug 2013
Tine Kinn Kvamme Hypselodoris maculosa, (20 mm) Koh Tao, Thailand

Cédric Penti Hypselodoris maculosa - Reunion island 15 to 20 mm - 10m deep

Roberto Erta Hypselodoris maculosa Bali Indonesia

Shane Siers Nice shot, Roberto. FYI, pretty sure that's H. maculosa.

Ron Silver Yes, concur with H. maculosa

Cédric Penti I agree, nice shot of H. maculosa !

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 16 Oct 2013
Elodie Camprasse Hello Nudibranch Lovers! I am writing an article on nudibranchs in Vietnam and I'd like to be sure of the identification of species on the photos I am going to submit... Is this Hypselodoris maculosa?

Marli Wakeling Yes, it is.

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 27 Apr 2013
Sven Kahlbrock Hypselodoris maculosa

Gary Cobb This species is quite variable in colour. Yes some people will break this species into every different colour as a new species. The only sure way to find the truth is internal examination.

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 23 Aug 2011
Tan Pee Pheng reasting Kemasik Beach Malaysia

Zulhilmi Ghouse Wow. Nudis in Kemasik. Never would've imagined...

Ron Silver Hypselodoris maculosa

Message posted on UWphotographers on 20 Oct 2013
Bernard Maglana Dayang, Talikud Island, Davao

Gary Cobb This is Hypselodoris maculosa

Sugeng Tirtono Once again deep and size please

Tini Palar it looks like candy

Sébastien Fobelets Need some help for ID please . Seen in Sogod Bay , Southern Leyte , Philippines. In about 7m deep, approximate size 20mm long.

Stewart Clarke Looks like Hypselodoris maculosa

Sébastien Fobelets Thanks a lot Stewart Clarke .

Ex Liao at 60ft in depth, less than 1cm long, cordova, mactan island

Gary Cobb This is Hypselodoris maculosa

Ex Liao thanks Gary Cobb for the I.D.

Gary Cobb You're welcome!

IkeBe Ph 6mm nudi @65 ft Anilao, Batangas

Jeff Rosenfeld Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)

IkeBe Ph Thank you Jeff Rosenfeld!

Sébastien Fobelets Sogod Bay , Southern Leyte , Philippines. A name?

Lindz Warren Probably Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 05 Aug 2013
Kathrin Wohlrab Red Sea, North at Kingston wreck, what is it??

Nathalie Yonow Hypselodoris maculosa

Roy Arthur David Lontoh Indeed...

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 01 Jun 2012
Ilan Lubitz Tiny Nudi with unusual face (2 cm) Puerto Galera. Diving site: (Dhill) â€" at Phillipines.

Shane Siers Hypselodoris maculosa. Pretty common here in Guam. Nice shot!

Ilan Lubitz Tnx Shane for the info. any way it is not common here. :-)

Ilse Merz very nice!

Ilan Lubitz Tnx Ilsa :-)

Ella B. Lubitz Shane it's common in Guam? Good for we ave here also in Anilao although it's very limited...;-)

Shane Siers Ella, not super common, but not very unusual once you're good at looking for nudibranchs. I've never seen one in the Philippines, though.

Message posted on Wetpixel Underwater Photography on 08 Mar 2013
Gary Cobb Photos and species list from our 2 dives yesterday. 38 Species found at Flinders Reef Moreton Island, 10m viz, beautiful diving day, no swell and no surge, 25C water temp. 1st dive/2nd dive. *most species found this outing. Aegires flores 1 Ardeadoris pullata /1 *Chromodoris elisabethina 2/8 Chromodoris kuiteri 1/1 Chromodoris lochi /1 Costasiella kuroshimae Cratena cf. affinis 1 Cratena simba 2 Dermatobranchus cf. primus /1 Dermatobranchus rodmani /2 Elysia cf. furvacauda /1 Found at 1m on the mooring rope! Flabellina bicolor 1 Flabellina sp. 1 5 Found at 5m on the mooring rope! Glossodoris cincta 1 Goniobranchus geometricus 1 Halgerda cf. willeyi 1 Halgerda sp. 1 1 Our 540th species! I have never seen this species, ever. Hypselodoris godeffroyana /1 Hypselodoris maculosa 1 Jorunna sp. 3 /1 Marianina rosea /1 Micromelo undata /1 Noumea simplex /1 Phyllidia elegans 1 Phyllidia ocellata 1 Phyllidia picta 1 Phyllidiella lizae /2 Phyllidiella pustulosa 1/2 Protaeolidiella juliae /2 Thorunna daniellae 1 Thuridilla carlsoni 7/1 Thuridilla gracilis 1/1 Thuridilla neona 1 Thuridilla splendens 1 Trinchesia ornata 1/4 Trinchesia ornata 3/2 Trinchesia sp. 16 /1 Our 539th species! Trinchesia sp. 6 /1

Gary Cobb Correction: Halgerda sp. 2 is correct.

Roy Arthur David Lontoh Is this Hypselodoris maculosa? also from Ambon Bay, found @8m, length about 30mm

Bonar Sitohang Sure it is. Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)

Roy Arthur David Lontoh Thx bro...first time saw this spec :D

Orietta Rivolta Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease,1871) Lembeh,Indonesia August

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 07 Feb 2012
Blogie Robillo Nudi ID pls. This baby was tiny--less than 1cm long. Spotted him today in 60ft of water at Dayang Beach, Talikud Island, Davao Gulf.

Ron Silver Hypselodoris maculosa

Blogie Robillo Much obliged, Ron!

Pam Anderson Blogie Robillo, you weren't kidding when you said you practically lived under water. Not to mention, you must have Eagle eyes to see something 1cm !

Blogie Robillo Pam, for some reason, nudibranchs catch my attention underwater. But yesterday, I had a hard time seeing two giant frogfish! :D

Pam Anderson Blogie, do you do this for a living, or just for fun?

Blogie Robillo Pam - I'm not a professional diver, but I dive for the conservation of the marine environment. My thrust is in awareness-building. :)

Pam Anderson Ahhhhhh, a man after my own heart! Just like the Crocodile hunter, Steve irin!

Blogie Robillo :")

Blogie Robillo Ron, is this a juvenile? I remember now that I've seen a longer H. maculosa and its dorsum was a deep red, rhinophores with more rings...

Ron Silver Yes, this appears to be a juvenile as they get several times larger than this one and this species is noted for its highly variable patterns.

Alistair Merrifield Hey guys, do you know what these nudi's are? Makassar Reef, Komodo Island, roughly 15m depth (29C water-ish). Thanks!

Christian Skauge Can't see'em...

Alistair Merrifield Issues with FB photo security? Can you see the photo at all?

João Pedro Silva It's your privacy preferences, Alistair Merrifield. I too can't see the photo(s).

Martina Fuchsberger Hey guys, sorry, that was my fault. Can you see the pics now. I set the privacy settings to public. If not, I'll try and upload it again. Thanks :)

Bruce Potter H. Maculosa perhaps

Alistair Merrifield I was thinking hypselodoris myself. Maculosa - maybe, I don't know! :)

João Pedro Silva I don't get enough detail on this photo to check the 2 orange bands on each rhinophore which are one of the distinguishing features of Hypselodoris maculosa (note the specific epithet is always lower case). http://www.nudipixel.net/species/hypselodoris_maculosa

Martina Fuchsberger Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'll try and find another pic, but we were there for the Manta Rays, so didn't spend much time on the Nudibranchs.... ;)

Roy Arthur David Lontoh Is this Hypselodoris maculosa? also from Ambon Bay, found @8m, length about 30mm

Bonar Sitohang Sure it is. Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)

Roy Arthur David Lontoh Thx bro...first time saw this spec :D

Blogie Robillo A species of Nembrotha? About 2cm long, depth of around 15m, Gato Island dive site.

Blogie Robillo Gary Cobb - Help pls? :)

Deb Aston Hypselodoris maculosa

Blogie Robillo Thanks Deb!

Gary Cobb Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)

Patrik Good Spotted at Bannerfish Bommie, Great Barrier Reef, 10/4/2011, about 10 metres depth, size about 60mm. Sorry, I missed the rhinopores and only got what I think are the gills and tail. Looks a bit like Thorunna sp. 1 on http://www.nudibranch.com.au/pages/8648c.htm, second animal found at Fairyland. Come on nudilovers, get warmed up for Lissenung :-). Thank you.

Gary Cobb ...Oh yea baby!

Gary Cobb This is NOT Thorunna sp.! It looks like Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)!

Gary Cobb See the gill pocket it is RAISED! Hypselodoris !

Patrik Good Thanks, Gary Cobb. What will the nudi community here do while you are at Lissenung?

Gary Cobb Everyone will take a break and study the species we have not found, then visualise where they are....

Patrik Good LOL, will certainly try to take a break from visualising Lissenung and everyone finding new species and having fun there ;-)

Jorina Van Der Westhuizen The nudi community will have to start using the Nudibranch ID App in Gary's absence Patrik :-) http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/nudibranch-id-indopacific/id423276913?mt=8

Gary Cobb Geee Jo thanks!!! OK everyone out there in LaLa land...but the App and solve all the problems on the Nudiworld!

Ashley Missen Or Nudibase.com

Patrik Good I don't own an app machine, Jorina Van Der Westhuizen and Gary already tried to convince me to buy one :-) But anyway, I am using two resources before I try to get help from the group and that is www.nudibranch.com.au and www.nudibase.com . If I can't find it there I assume that the masters will be interested in the nudi and are happy to help. I was more thinking along the line of encouraging more group members in trying to help or challenge themselves with ID while the nomenklatura, the higher guilde is away. :-) They all have the app and the app machines don't they and should know, as you are pointing out quite convincingliy :-)

Gary Cobb Life, what beautiful thing.

Mike Bartick i have full pics of this beaut ..lemm find it and see if im right

Patrik Good Thanks Mike Bartick. Will have to browse through all my other photos for this guy too.

Ashley Missen No More Sleeps too excited to Sleep - have everything packed looking forward to arriving Thursday - Going to Do a full moon night dive while I am there

Patrik Good Ash, can we ban Lisseung people from posting here and teasing humble nudi divers that are staying home? ;-) Have an awesome time and don't fall asleep under water!

Gary Cobb You can't ban us we rule!!

Ashley Missen Unfortunately Patrik the 2 admins (Gary and myself) of this group are heading to Lissenung for the workshop and I am not ever going to Ban myself - everyone will just have to profit from the info we bring back - It going to be a great time Maybe people should start Requesting to be on the next one - Cheers Ash

Patrik Good :-) Well, I didn't ask to ban members, let alone our dear administrators - just ban them from teasing. Maybe for each (nudiunrelated) tease you should have to find and describe a new Lissenung nudi species. I wish you all such a great time. Finding new species rules!

Evie Go

Gary Cobb This lil beauty is Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease, 1871)

Evie Go Thk u Gary Cobb! I will post that in my personal album :)

Gary Cobb You're a peach Evie!

Evie Go =P

Will Arts First time I have seen this one. Brothers, take Numidia on right shoulder. Sorry about the quality. Sven Kahlbrock please talk Latin to me ;-)

Sven Kahlbrock Shoul be Hypselodoris maculosa (Pease,1871) a varios species, with lots of different collours.

Sven Kahlbrock but this group still have some new forms, that are not 100% cleared.

Will Arts aaahhh so sexy when you speak latin! So this is the Willselodoris maculosa.

Sven Kahlbrock harrr

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 05 May 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Euctenidiacea (Suborder)
              Doridacea (Infraorder)
                Doridoidea (Superfamily)
                  Chromodorididae (Family)
                    Hypselodoris (Genus)
                      Hypselodoris maculosa (Species)
Associated Species