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Primnoa reseda


Jan Roar Gjersvold Primnoa resedaeformis Risengrynkorall. Taken at Skarnsund Bridge Norway

Message posted on Wetpixel Underwater Photography on 29 Jun 2013
Erling Svensen ..... or this one - Paragorgia arborea - 2,5 meter high and just beautiful.....

Frank Emil Moen and it hasn't been growing much since 1997 (was it?)

Frank Emil Moen The numbers of Gorgonocephalus' are higher this time

Erling Svensen I bet this Paragorgia has been growing at least 1/2 meter. I have the "old" picture on the wall in front of me and can see the difference, so.....

Joanne Porter I'd like to see some of that when I come to Norway next year Erling Svensen

Francis StPierre Daly Bunker Fantastic. What are the small yellow ones?

Erling Svensen The small ones (yellow) is Paramuricea placomus. The orange one upper left is Primnoa resedaeformis, and the Sea tree have a lot of Gorgonocephalus sitting and filtrating.

Joanne Porter Maybe we will have a chance to see this Bill Sanderson

Joanne Porter Do you see any bryozoans growing on these corals Erling Svensen

Erling Svensen No, I have not seen any. We see Filigrana implexa and some other animals, but not bryozoans. But I will zoom in and take a look.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 03 Jun 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Cnidaria (Phylum)
    Anthozoa (Class)
      Octocorallia (Subclass)
        Alcyonacea (Order)
          Calcaxonia (Suborder)
            Primnoidae (Family)
              Primnoa (Genus)
                Primnoa reseda (Species)
Associated Species