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Saccorhiza polyschides

(Lightfoot) Batters, 1902

João Pedro Silva Found this flatworm on Saccorhiza polyschides this morning in Sesimbra, Portugal. ~2mm long (this is a crop of the full image), 14m deep, water temp. 19ºC. Any ideas on ID?

O Gajo Dos Olivais Possibly Leptoplanidae?

O Gajo Dos Olivais I would bet on Leptoplana sp because of the color, translucidy, size, and what seems to be a cluster of eyes/brain on the inferior right of the animal. No clue on the absence of a ventral sucker though...

Sigmer Quiroga I think it is cotylean because the marginal tentacles, we need better photos

João Pedro Silva There are no more photos.

Message posted on Marine Flatworms on 14 Aug 2013
Chromista (Kingdom)
  Harosa (Subkingdom)
    Heterokonta (Infrakingdom)
      Ochrophyta (Phylum)
        Phaeista (Subphylum)
          Limnista (Infraphylum)
            Fucistia (Superclass)
              Phaeophyceae (Class)
                Tilopteridales (Order)
                  Phyllariaceae (Family)
                    Saccorhiza (Genus)
                      Saccorhiza polyschides (Species)
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