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Desmarestia aculeata

(Linnaeus) J.V.Lamouroux, 1813

Steven Melvin Does anyone know what algae species this may be that this Limacia clavigera and the sea mat are on?

João Pedro Silva Not sure which bryozoan it's on but I think it feeds on several species.

David Kipling Usually Electra pilosa (circular cells) but I've also seen it on Membranacea membranipora (rectangular cells) in the UK. No idea as to the weed though!

João Pedro Silva Shot it once feeding on M. membranacea (also lots of P. quadrilineata feeding on the same bryozoan at that time) but most of the times I've found it there was no M. membranacea nearby. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpsilva1971/8443868129/

João Pedro Silva This one appears to be feeding on another bryozoan (no idea which though): http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpsilva1971/6432585343/

David Kipling They do seem to be quite mobile - I've got a lot of pics of them wandering over things that are clearly not bryozoan (eg naked rock!).

Erling Svensen I think the algae are Desmarestia aculeata. Very common here in Norway.

Steven Melvin Yes I think the bryozoa is either E.pilosa or M. membranupora, I am just uncertain about this particular weed that it's on as its been a popular habitat for L.clavigera. I am currently doing my thesis on limacia clavigera distribution in loch fyne and I've also found them quite abundant on what I believe to be Polysiphonia spp but I've seen no evidence for sea mat growing on that particular algae.

David Kipling Looks like you're going to have to take a sample that is part covered with sea mat and key it out - hard to tell the ID with it smothered ;)

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 04 Mar 2013
Chromista (Kingdom)
  Harosa (Subkingdom)
    Heterokonta (Infrakingdom)
      Ochrophyta (Phylum)
        Phaeista (Subphylum)
          Limnista (Infraphylum)
            Fucistia (Superclass)
              Phaeophyceae (Class)
                Desmarestiales (Order)
                  Desmarestiaceae (Family)
                    Desmarestia (Genus)
                      Desmarestia aculeata (Species)
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