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Leptoplana tremellaris

(Müller OF, 1773)

Paula Lightfoot Can anyone help ID flatworms? Is it even possible from photos? They don't have a lot of 'features' to go on! These were quite common under boulders in the intertidal zone on a fairly exposed shore.

George Brown There may be similar flatworms but this could be Cycloporus papillosus. I've only ever found them on sponges.

Paula Lightfoot These weren't on sponge or squirts, there was very little of either on this shore.

George Brown Paula, just checked my photos of Cycloporus. They're eating Botrylloides!

Paula Lightfoot I had been going to suggest Cycloporus papillosus for the pics I posted afterwards (the ones from Skinningrove that are actually on squirts) because these look like ones I posted last year from Flamborough which we agreed at the time looked like C. papillosus. I thought these might be something different as the eyespots look different and they don't have the cream markings around the edge. If you think these are C papillosus do you think the ones below are also C papillosus?

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat C. papillosus is different, it has a more roundish shape, with the body bearing pustules and two "tentacules" at the front. Colour and "eyes" position make me think of Leptoplana tremellaris.

Marco Faasse photo of L. tremellaris:http://www.cryptosula.nl/Leptoplanatremellaris.html

Paula Lightfoot All the UK records of Leptoplana tremellaris on the NBN Gateway are all from the west coast, but GBIF has records from Holland and NE France

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 08 Oct 2013
Erling Svensen Anybody that knows this flatworm? 2 cm long. I do not feel it is the Oligocladus sanguinolentus, or?

Erling Svensen After some reading, could this be Leptoplana tremellaris?

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 23 Mar 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Platyhelminthes (Phylum)
    Rhabditophora (Class)
      Polycladida (Order)
        Acotylea (Suborder)
          Leptoplanoidea (Superfamily)
            Leptoplanidae (Family)
              Leptoplana (Genus)
                Leptoplana tremellaris (Species)
Associated Species