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Polycera hedgpethi

Er. Marcus, 1964

Mark Farrer Polycera hedgpethi Blairgowrie 5mtrs approx 20mm long.

Message posted on UWphotographers on 03 Nov 2013
Mark Farrer Polycera hedgpethi Blairgowrie 5mtrs approx 20mm long.

Tracey Howley Mark is making us all jealous I think in his little neck of the woods on the Penninsula!

Mark Farrer lol Tracey just letting everyone know how good Blairgowrie is even if the water temp at the moment is cough cough 14deg

Tracey Howley O gawd.. im in 5:5 all year with a skin underneath and even in 26 degrees... damn.. dry suit eh..

Mark Farrer hahahaha Im in a 7mm wetsuit with a long sleeve lavacore Geoffrey Van Damme and my self did a 165min dive on Saturday I did exit NUMB lol

Sue Brown My first dive in 15 years last October was in 16c at Julian Rocks. I did it in a 5mm and wasn't too cold. BUT now I think I'd freeze.

Sue Brown Have bought a 7mm semidry now and used it during winter up here. BUT am back into the 5mm now. Water was 22c yesterday. Come up here and join us Mark Farrer!!

Mark Farrer Last month I dive the Gold Coast Seaway 22Deg South West Rocks 20Deg and Nelson Bay 19Deg LOVED the WARM water.

Tracey Howley Sue.. I was frozen yesterday...

Ashley Missen Polycera hedgpethi - Blairgowrie Pier - Port Phillip Bay - Victoria - Australia Length 25mm. Depth 2m. Temp 18 Deg

Ashley Missen David - This is, in my opinion, Ash's best photo from our 135 min dive at Blairgowrie Pier this morning. As darness descends here in Melbourne we are still collating the statistics for Nudibase, but roughly we found 40 individuals belonging to 32 spp.

Ashley Missen Hi David AS you probably gathered the previous comment was from Richard Willan

Geoffrey Van Damme polycera hedgpethi & tamja verconis, my body guard!

Orietta Rivolta Great found !

Mark Farrer Polycera hedgpethi Blairgowrie 17/11/12 approx 50mm long

Geoffrey Van Damme polycera hedgpethi

Geoffrey Van Damme Have to push these out the way to find different ones.

Ashley Missen Polycera hedgpethi - Blairgowrie Marina Olympus XZ-1 PT-050 2x Sola 600 1x ys110a 2x dyron Macro lenses ISO 100 F8 1/80

Ken Thongpila Great Shot Ashley :-) Love the sharp at the front...

Ashley Missen Thanks Ken - I know where these guys hang out now 30+ last dive

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 12 Dec 2011
Geoffrey Van Damme Blairgowrie this morning .

Ashley Missen This is defimitly a juvenile Doris cameroni. At a guess 5 mm. Depth please. RCW. And ps - where are all the Polycera hedgpethi photos??

Geoffrey Van Damme correct ,3mtr depth ,ok Ash took just one will post it.

Mark Farrer Seeking advice on this 1 guys Blairgowrie approx 15mm long

Mark Farrer Could this be a juvenile Polycera hedgpethi.

Geoffrey Van Damme Blairgowrie 25mm 5mtr

Blogie Robillo Whoa! First time for me to see this!

Geoffrey Van Damme Lots of these at Blargowrie Blogie Robillo especially this time of year,polycera hedgpethi.

Mark Farrer Blairgowrie 26/1/12 5mtrs

Ashley Missen Polycera hedgpethi

Geoffrey Van Damme Blairgowrie polycera sp.

Ashley Missen Nice Find

Ashley Missen where did you find him on the pier

Geoffrey Van Damme Hi Ash ,there's actually quite a few of these showing up lately ,seen about 5 or 6 each dive over the last few dives in different areas ,at the end and along the second moring.

Mark Farrer I thought they were juvenile Polycera hedgpethi but the more i look at them im sure there not.

Brendan Oonk When I look at this pic, I see similiarity to a nudi we have over here: Palio nothus. Could this be some kind of Palio??

Gary Cobb I think this could be a dark colour-form of Polycera japonica Baba, 1949

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Euctenidiacea (Suborder)
              Doridacea (Infraorder)
                Polyceroidea (Superfamily)
                  Polyceridae (Family)
                    Polycerinae (Subfamily)
                      Polycera (Genus)
                        Polycera hedgpethi (Species)
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