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Berthella stellata

(Risso, 1826)

Gary Cobb OK Kidz Pop Quiz! Name this branch.

Gary Cobb Oh gee did I forget the info about this branch? 15mm found intertidally Alex headland Sunshine Coast Australia Earth from under a rock.

Deb Aston Berthella stellata

Gary Cobb You Deb are correct!

Gary Cobb We are trying to get out to Shellacey Reef in the morning!

Deb Aston I am thinking about a night dive at the Seaway tonight, possibly try out Seventeen Reef on the weekend.

Gary Cobb Really! Sunday looks best. Hopefully the swell will drop off.

Gary Cobb We'll try Wayne! You coming?

Carlos Fernández-Cid Ramos Berthella stellata. Costa Brava, Spain

Josep LLuis Peralta Rebull Es Caials verdad?

Carlos Fernández-Cid Ramos Mismamente y contigo. Tu me lo ensenaste. Esta hecha en apnea pues ya me habia quitado el equipo. Un abrazo reydelnudi

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 17 Oct 2012
João Pedro Silva Berthella stellata Local: Arrábida, Portugal Spot: Alpertuche Profundidade: 4m Data: 23-01-2012

Message posted on Nudibranquios on 23 Sep 2013
Patrik Good New species for my Gold Coast Seaway (Australia) collection. Berthella splendida; 4/5/2013; 19:02 hrs; size 10mm; depth 2 metres; 24 degrees water temperature; 3 metres visibility. The two eyes are visible from under the mantle on the base of the rolled rhinophores. As expected lots of branchs are making their comeback to the Seaway at the moment.

Gary Cobb I am sure you meant Berthella stellata!

Patrik Good Sure, Gary, had my head already with a few other ID issues.

Lucas CerCur This specimen resemmbles very much to Berthella plumula also. This species is not described with white pigmentation on the mantle, but...this could be a variation only. In fact, one of the sysnonyms of B. plumula is B. porosa. Could you see the "porous" appearance of this animal?

Lucas CerCur It should be studied to be sure.

João Pedro Silva The similarities are striking; http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpsilva1971/6751561325/

Gary Cobb The white stingy lines coming from the body up into the mantle show that this is B. stellata. Patrik has a great side shot with this.

Gary Cobb Patrik where is your new album?

Lucas CerCur I know the paper in which several specific Berthella names were synonimyzed with B. stellata. This was in 1987. So, more tan 25 years ago. Manuy viwes have changed from that time.

Lucas CerCur Sorry, "many things have...

João Pedro Silva In due time, molecular studies will sort it out.

Gary Cobb Amen

Gary Cobb Patrik where is the side shot??

Lucas CerCur J Pedro is right.

Patrik Good Interesting. I took about 200 raw pictures of this critter, underside, left, right, top. The critter was pretty transparent. It lay eggs in its short captivity and finished that task in about 20 minutes. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the egg mass. It was a round tubular mass, diameter about 8mm. Will check out the paper and if I can see any porous appearance. The only difference to the B. stellata on the net was that the eye position seemed wrong. Who or what institution is doing research on this critter at the moment?

Lucas CerCur The synonimyzation of several Indopacific names with B. stellata was carried by Gosliner and Behrens in 1988 (I think), and it was published in The Veliger.

Alvaro Borba Interesting! Here on the coast of Maceió found many individuals of this species Berthella agassizii (MacFarland, 1909).

Patrik Good Typo: specimen was found May 3.

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Pleurobranchomorpha (Order)
            Pleurobranchoidea (Superfamily)
              Pleurobranchidae (Family)
                Berthella (Genus)
                  Berthella stellata (Species)
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