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Phaxas pellucidus

(Pennant, 1777)

Erling Svensen Marco: Here is a picture of a Ensis - Norway.

Marco Faasse Thanks Erling Svensen, very similar, except for the missing red dots.

Marco Faasse By the way, I think this is not Ensis directus/americanus? That alien hasn't reached Norway I hope?

Erling Svensen I think this is Ensis arcuatus, but we have 4 species in Norway.

Marco Faasse Here near the coast 99% is E. directus ...

Erling Svensen The E. directus came to Norway some years ago, but we find it (so far) only from Oslo to Kristiansand (Southermost parts). Here the most common is Ensis arcuatus and Phaxas pellucidus. We also have the very big E. siliqua, and the Solen marginatus.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 11 Jun 2012
Marco Faasse I suppose these are the fused sifo tips of a bivalve (cut off by accident and seen from below), but I have no clue what species they could belong to. 2 cms across. Anyone an idea? I'll post a lateral view as well.

Marco Faasse The outside has scattered red spots (redder then on the photo). A longish amorphous gelatinous mass sticks to the upper side of the sifos:

Marco Faasse http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=324547194289797&set=a.255646997846484.59735.100002035584345&type=3&theater

David Kipling Do we want to know how this accident occurred?!? ;)

Marco Faasse It was found in a net ... The beasty is from a sandy bottom.

Erling Svensen When i sea the Phaxas pellucidus (or lookalike) "looking" up from the seabed, it looks quite like this.

Liz Morris Oh that's interesting Erling Svensen - do you have any pictures? Have you ever seen them in gravelly mixed ground? I have pictures of what I thought were Ensis but the weren't quite right, but I couldnt get a sample.

Marco Faasse I think it's part of an ottershell (Lutraria): http://www.britishmarinelifepictures.co.uk/lutraria-lutraria-siphon-tbc Compare with my second photo.

Marco Faasse Another one: http://www.ecomare.nl/de/ecomare-encyclopedie/organismen-d/tiere/wirbellose/weichtiere/muscheln-gruppe/ottermuschel/

Erling Svensen Look at my Ensis picture ;-)

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 07 Jun 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Bivalvia (Class)
      Heterodonta (Subclass)
        Euheterodonta (Infraclass)
           Euheterodonta (Order)
            Solenoidea (Superfamily)
              Pharidae (Family)
                Phaxas (Genus)
                  Phaxas pellucidus (Species)
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