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Glaucus atlanticus

Forster, 1777

Jon Chamberlain Diving cancelled for the day due to a huge amount of portugese-man-of-war jell fish being blown in by strong winds but the pay off is seeing the spectacular Glaucus atlanticus that feeds on them.

Charlotte Bolton Gorgeous!

Sarah Bowen WOW!!!

Message posted on Wakatobi Nudibranchs 2013 on 16 Jul 2013
Juan Vega Religion or Evolution ? Glaucus atlanticus Sony w200 compact zavora - mozambique

Imran Ahmad ART

Ron Silver Nice pic altho this nudi is an electric blue color which I really like.

Juan Vega thx! im glad you like it.

Sylvain Hellio J'adore ;-) Beautifull

Message posted on Wetpixel Underwater Photography on 04 Nov 2012
Juan Vega Religion or Evolution ? Glaucus atlanticus Sony w200 compact zavora - mozambique

Message posted on UWphotographers on 04 Nov 2012
David Ennew I found these little critters washing up on the Beach at Mudjimba today .Perhaps washed away from Old Woman Island.Most appeared to be alive in the water but they perish quickly on the sand .These ones are alive.

Carl-Johan Nilsson Glaucus atlanticus.

Gary Cobb These little guys are Glaucus marginatus. The cerata on end of the 'arms' are in multiple rows. G. atlanticus has one row and are larger.

David A Mullins These nudibranchs can be found washed up on the beach together with their prey - bluebottles following a period of strong onshore winds. They drift in the open ocean with the bluebottle swarms. They are able to utilise some of the nematocysts (stinging cells) of the bluebottles for their own defence transporting them undischarged internally to sacs at the tips of their cerata.

Julian Galeano un gusto hacer parte ahora del grupo ! este animalito despertó todo mi interés en los nudibranquios ! hermoso

Oriol Domingo realmente precioso, pero lo de toquetearlo me parece un horror.... (supongo que ni l foto ni la mano son tuyas...)

Jol Falcés Es brutalmente precioso. No me extraña que haya despertado tu interés.

Jol Falcés Se trata de un Glaucus Atlanticus. Es un nudibranquio que vive boca abajo sobre la tensión superficial del agua del mar y logra la flotabilidad positiva gracias a una bolsa de aire que tiene en el estómago. Se alimenta de medusas venenosas, entre otras de la la Carabela Portuguesa.

Julian Galeano por supuesto la mano no es mía (: ; si me entere algo acerca de su hábitat y comportamiento , puede llegar a ser venenoso despues de comerse una carabela portugesa almacenando su veneno en la punta de sus patitas

Oriol Domingo ...pues ya le vale al modelo de manos!!!

Message posted on Nudibranquios on 13 Sep 2012
Marites Sinadjan anybody's knew its name this lovely blue creature??

Nils Aukan Blue Sea Slug (Glaucus atlanticus) Specialist in eating Portugise man of War poisonuos jellyfish

Ralf Neubauer http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/glaucus-atlanticus

Marites Sinadjan thank you Nils and Ralf for responding my question,same as well thank you who like this pic.:))

Message posted on UWphotographers on 30 Dec 2012
Jaime Romero ¿..............................?

Vinicius Padula Glaucus cf. atlanticus. One planktonic nudibranch species. Marvellous photo Jaime Romero! There are some researchs going on this species right now.

Jaime Romero Gracias Vinicius.

Lucas CerCur Si te encuentras alguno mas, me vendría muy bien que lo colectaras.

Felipe Martins meu sonho de trabalho <3 pena que nao tem registro para o Ceará ;/

Vinicius Padula Felipe Martins, pode não ter registro, mas nada impede dessa espécie aparecer por aí ;) Tem que ficar de olho quando aparecerem caravelas, das quais eles se alimentam.

Gary Cobb Why Glaucus cf. atlanticus? This is Glaucus atlanticus. Have new things been discovered?

Jon Chamberlain Great find! One of the most amazing nudibranchs. When we found a bunch of them on Hoga, Indonesia it sparked a great debate as to whether there were 2 species: Glaucus atlanticus and Glaucus pacificus (based on where they are found). Only Glaucus atlanticus exists in WoRMS and I can only find scant reference to G. pacificus (nothing published). Anyone know where this rumour might have originated from? Vinicius - Can you post up some links to the latest research you know about, I'd be interested to know more.

Marlon Delgado sonho de encontrar no RN³

Message posted on EPAM Nudibranchs on 24 Sep 2013
Ron Silver https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152051430941522&set=a.266886361521.178030.92289741521&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf

Ron Silver Glaucus atlanticus

Message posted on The Global Diving Community on 02 Nov 2013
Diver Jay

Matthias Wildermuth Where did u find them?

Ning Chang Wow....

Diver Jay Found after a southerly storm along the beach near bundeena. Also found some south at the gravel loader. Bulebottle eating nudi Kel has done a bit of recearch on them since :}

Matthias Wildermuth Yeah saw them once at clifton garden. 50 or so washed up the beach.

Arantxa Di Mare Amazing !! :o

Fumiyo Nozaki Wow, So lucky you. Usually on blue bottle. very nice pic !!!

Gary Cobb Glaucus atlanticus Forster, 1777

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 16 Sep 2011
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Dexiarchia (Suborder)
              Aeolidida (Infraorder)
                Aeolidioidea (Superfamily)
                  Glaucidae (Family)
                    Glaucus (Genus)
                      Glaucus atlanticus (Species)
Associated Species