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Dicata odhneri

Schmekel, 1967

Manuel Martínez Chacón Dicata odhneri from Algeciras, Spain.

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 26 Sep 2013
Sven Kahlbrock

Sven Kahlbrock Yesterday at wreck of Rosalie Moller.does anyone know what it is?

João Pedro Silva Janolus sp.

Sarah Bowen Oh wow, I love it! We've never managed to do the Rosie M. How about a Red Sea Nudi Safari next?

João Pedro Silva That's also a good idea, Sarah! But first I have plans for less explored places, like Madeira and the Azores :)

Sarah Bowen Now you're talking - Red Sea is well documented, even if most divers tend to go for wrecks or big stuff. Look forward to hearing how your Portuguese safari goes!

David Kipling Did you do to the deep-sea sponge meetings in the Azores João Pedro? I know Claire and Bernard were going to try and do a bit of diving while they were there (don't know if they did). And what about Cape Verde - or is that too South for you?

João Pedro Silva I've been several times to the Azores (my wife lived there for several years) although I've never been to Corvo, Flores and Graciosa (the other 6 islands I know relatively well). I've never seen much other than the incredibly common Hypselodoris picta azorica but I know there are some amazing little spots where you can find, for instance, Dicata odhneri by the dozen.

David Kipling Sounds like you need to put together a group of good nudi spotters to come along and help out on a trip ...

João Pedro Silva Regarding Cape Verde, I'm thinking about paying a little visit one of these days.

Sven Kahlbrock but to have a nudi trip in the red sea would be nice too ;-P

João Pedro Silva That would be very easy to organize :) Still, I'm more into Atlantic species right now.

Sven Kahlbrock Brr, much to cold for me. smile

Sarah Bowen oh, you wimp, Sven! So no point in inviting you to West Wales to see the nudibranch delights in Pembrokeshire, then?!

Sven Kahlbrock hihi, maybe with a very good drysuit, thermo underware and same heating

João Pedro Silva You'll miss an awful lot of nudibranchs, Sven :)

Sven Kahlbrock i know, but i should go to wales anyhow. the atlantic is fascinating too ;-) but so many places and so little time ;-(

João Pedro Silva We still have several open places for our nudibranch safari liveaboard in the Algarve next 29th of June :)

Sven Kahlbrock mhh, would be nice, but i have to work sometimes. and this is our busy time ;-(

Nathalie Yonow new species of Janolus - do we have a body??!

Sven Kahlbrock ;-P

Sven Kahlbrock yep

Nathalie Yonow excellent, 2 or 3 more would be helpful

Sven Kahlbrock mhh, difficult

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 18 May 2012
João Pedro Silva After a few days looking at the photos of this small aeolid, I'm convinced now this is the elusive Dicata odhneri, in spite of the pale yellow pigment on the tips of the rhinophores and oral tentacles.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Nudibranchs on 23 Jul 2012
João Pedro Silva Dicata odhneri Local: Sesimbra, Portugal Spot: Tranca Profundidade: 15m Data: 27-08-2011

Message posted on Nudibranquios on 22 Sep 2013
João Pedro Silva Rarely seen and still poorly known, here's Dicata odhneri one of the few times I've found it. Shot in Sesimbra, Portugal.

Patrik Good A beauty and I reckon quite small. Would love to have a proper look at your collection but I am finding Flickr so difficult to navigate. Have you got an idea on price including shipping cost to Australia of your book yet?

João Pedro Silva It's easier if you use the "sets" and "collections" (and even the tags): http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpsilva1971/collections/ The english version of my book should be out really soon (went to the print a couple of weeks ago). You can contact the editor to get a quote on the shipping: info@subnauta.pt

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 17 Mar 2013
João Pedro Silva After sharing some of the Chromodorididae from Portugal, I'll move to a completely different family: Glaucidae. I'm starting with a very rare species, Dicata odhneri, which is incredibly frequent in some very confined spots (such as a particular rock pool in the Azores). I only shot it twice (this was the second time): the first time I wasn't even using digital cameras.

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 14 Jan 2012
João Pedro Silva A rarity around these parts. This was only the second time I shot this species (first one is the single Dicata odhneri image at the Sea Slug Forum). And on two other occasions I my buddies pointed me a specimen but I simply couldn't see them.

Message posted on NUDIBRANCH LOVERS on 06 Jan 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Mollusca (Phylum)
    Gastropoda (Class)
      Heterobranchia (Subclass)
        Opisthobranchia (Infraclass)
          Nudibranchia (Order)
            Dexiarchia (Suborder)
              Aeolidida (Infraorder)
                Aeolidioidea (Superfamily)
                  Facelinidae (Family)
                    Favorininae (Subfamily)
                      Dicata (Genus)
                        Dicata odhneri (Species)
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