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Lucernaria quadricornis

O. F. Müller, 1776

Erling Svensen I have only seen the H. auricula at Svalbard, close to 80 degreen north. Here in South West Norway the Lucernaria quadricornis and the Haliclystus salpinx are more common. I have also seen the Craterolophus convolulus. Attach two pictures from Svalbard of the "normal colour" there.

Marco Faasse Very interesting! This is not H. auricula. Anchors have a peculiar shape and the inside of the bell has whitish spots in the shape of a Maltese cross (but this is not Lucernarionopsis cruxmelitensis either). The latter species has the Maltese cross as well, but no anchors.

Marco Faasse Lucernariopsis, not Lucernarionopsis

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 12 Mar 2012
George Brown Lucernaria quadricornis, East Lunna Voe, Shetland. About 70mm diameter. Depth 10m. Seemed able to move about using its foot and tentacled arms.

Joanne Porter George Could you post this into the Orkney and Shetland Seasearch group too, I'm sure there are people in that group that would love to see this :)

Allen Collins Fantastic!

George Brown Hi Joanne, working on that right now. I tried a few days ago but failed due to poor reception. Home now! :o)

Penny Martin that is lovely, I really like stalked jellies ...... we have seen craterolophus convolvulus , lucernariopsis campanulata and Haliclystus auricula here in Orkney

Rebecca Helm Really, you saw it wiggle around, moving its foot? Did it adhere with its tentacles?

Rebecca Helm Lovely picture, btw.

George Brown Rebecca, it didn't wiggle but moved its foot. My other photos show its leg shrinking, becoming corrugated and reattaching itself to the kelp. I've also read it eats Lacuna vincta so it's got to be mobile.

Rebecca Helm WOW! So was it holding on with it's "arms" during this process? That is so cool!

George Brown Exactly! A case for video which I would have done if I wasn't frozen to the core. I tried to (very gently!) lift it towards a better camera position but couldn't prise the arm off the kelp. Too cold so gave up!

Allen Collins Yummm. Littorines for lunch.

George Brown Had to Google that Allen! Think I'll stick with a bacon roll.

Andy Horton http://www.seawater.no/fauna/cnidaria/quadricornis.html

Message posted on NE Atlantic Cnidaria on 14 Mar 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Cnidaria (Phylum)
    Staurozoa (Class)
      Stauromedusae (Order)
        Eleutherocarpida (Suborder)
          Lucernariidae (Family)
            Lucernaria (Genus)
              Lucernaria quadricornis (Species)
Associated Species