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Leucosolenia variabilis

(Haeckel, 1870)

Charlotte Bolton This is definitely not up to the usual photography standards of this group but might it be possible to say yes/no to Tubulipora sp. from this? The tubes do look very tall, but I have almost convinced myself that there might be an A. mentula siphon lurking in there, as per the description in Joanne Porter's fantastic book... Taken on the Bombardon Unit, Portland Harbour, yesterday.

Joanne Porter This doesn't look very bryozoan to me Charlotte

Charlotte Bolton Damn, one of those cheating other phyla! Sorry Joanne!

Charlotte Bolton Is that one of the Leucosolenia sp. Dawn? I confess I didn't do nearly as much poking as normal in deference to the silt and the downstream camera-wielding buddy so I can't tell you how contractile it is/was... Sorry!

Kevin Tilbrook A scale would really help here

Charlotte Bolton Tiny - 1cm max.

Floris Bennema In the Netherlands we have quite a lot of small Leucosolenia variabilis that seem to be similar to this one.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 28 May 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Porifera (Phylum)
    Calcarea (Class)
      Calcaronea (Subclass)
        Leucosolenida (Order)
          Leucosoleniidae (Family)
            Leucosolenia (Genus)
              Leucosolenia variabilis (Species)
Associated Species