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Chone fauveli

McIntosh, 1916

Marco Faasse Anybody who knows this fanworm? Several found in the Rade de Brest (Brittany) between 5-10 m depth, all with the same colour pattern. Maybe a Chone? But seems different from C. fauveli ... Maybe Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat knows?

Marco Faasse Colour turns out different; the worm was plain gray with white.

Wendy Northway Chone infidibuliformis I think

Sarah Bowen Another one that has changed its name then...

Marco Faasse And this one from Loch Creran, Scotland, which seems different: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=463575727053609&set=oa.564337500256232&type=1&theater ?

Erling Svensen Not a Myxicola infundibulum then?

Marco Faasse No, those were present as well, with the 'tentacles' almost completely connected by a web and extremely long pinnules on the tentacles. Myxicola infundibulum are also larger, up to 5 cm across. The grey ones are about 35 mm max across.

George Brown Good question Erling but does Myxicola not have a gelatinous tube exposed on the surface?

Darryl Mayer Myxicola also has Black tips.

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat Hi Marco, This species is very common in Rade de Brest. A few years ago, I thought it could be Chone fauveli because of the aspect of the crown, I didn't examine the boby. It corresponds to the description of Chone infidibuliformis in Faune de France but this species has been revised in recent years. I don't have in my library documents sufficiently precise to identify this species once collected. I think this one could be helpful MARIA ANA TOVAR-HERNANDEZ, On some species of Chone Kroyer, 1856 (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) from world-wide localities. Zootaxa 1518: 31-68 (2 Jul. 2007) 17 plates. If anyone has it, I'm interested ;-)

Marco Faasse Thank you for your reply Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat. Unfortunately I don't have the publication you mention. Maybe this one is even more useful? : Tovar-Hernandez et al. (2007). Revision of Chone Krøyer, 1856 (Polychaeta: Sabellidae) from the eastern central Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea with descriptions of two new species. Scientia Marina 71(2): 315-338. The problem for me is collecting material.

Wilfried Bay-Nouailhat I have this one. As I regularly dive at the Rade de Brest I will collect a specimen next time I'll go there to ID it.

Marco Faasse Great! If I can help in any way, let me know.

Message posted on Seasearch Identifications on 17 May 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Annelida (Phylum)
    Polychaeta (Class)
      Canalipalpata (Subclass)
        Sabellida (Order)
          Sabellidae (Family)
            Sabellinae (Subfamily)
              Chone (Genus)
                Chone fauveli (Species)
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