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Clava multicornis

(Forsskål, 1775)

Eunice Khoo What is this snail covered in? Night dive, Tulamben, 10m.

Penn Dls Looks like that's part of it's mantle?

Eunice Khoo You think so? I'm not sure... looks like lots of "bits"! What's the ID of the snail then?

Blogie Robillo Those are papillae, projections from its mantle that help it breathe, among other things. Not sure about the ID yet though...

Gena Kokonas That is so awesome!!! Great find.

Arne Kuilman In the Netherlands it's called Hydractinia echinata. They're hydroid polyps. These are also food for nudibranchs and we find them on the shells of hermitcrabs.

Eunice Khoo I think that's it, snail fur! Thanks Arne

Arne Kuilman In Norway they call it Club headed hydroid (Clava multicornis)

Animalia (Kingdom)
  Cnidaria (Phylum)
    Hydrozoa (Class)
      Hydroidolina (Subclass)
        Anthoathecata (Order)
          Filifera (Suborder)
            Hydractiniidae (Family)
              Clava (Genus)
                Clava multicornis (Species)
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