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Nolella dilatata

(Hincks, 1860)

Erling Svensen I have a feeling that this is a tiny creeping bryozoa? This is just 10% of the picture (1:1), so it is not big.

Marco Faasse Sure, a bryozoan, not a hydrozoan.

Thomas Schwaha Looks like Nolella to me

Erling Svensen I see that Nolella dilatata is common in Norway. It looks like this one? Thanks.

Joanne Porter Great picture Erling, was this with your diopter system?

Erling Svensen No, without the diopter, but the resolution you know... ;-)

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 02 Dec 2012
Erling Svensen And this encrusting - creeping one.... Very, very tiny. This is just a small crop of the picture. Could this be an bryozoa? Or?

Erling Svensen Yes, Nolella dilatata is looks like. Thanks.

Bernard Picton Yes, bryozoan.

Message posted on NE Atlantic Cnidaria on 02 Dec 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Bryozoa (Phylum)
    Gymnolaemata (Class)
      Ctenostomatida (Order)
        Nolellidae (Family)
          Nolella (Genus)
            Nolella dilatata (Species)
Associated Species