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Reteporella beaniana

(King, 1846)

Erling Svensen Do anyone knows if there is more than one specie of the Reteporella beaniana? I heard so from Piotr, but do not know about any other one. This one is yellow and orange, and we have a big wall in Stavanger covered with this one. But the "normal" one is the white form, but it seams to me to be a litle bit different in shape. So - any other names on species from South West Norway?

Liz Morris wow - this is beautiful!

Mary Spencer Jones There are two other species in UK waters Reteporella couchii and Reteporella incognita

Erling Svensen Thanks. Do you know the difference on the three species? Is it possible to see the difference in any way?

Message posted on NE Atlantic Bryozoa on 07 Jun 2012
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Bryozoa (Phylum)
    Gymnolaemata (Class)
      Cheilostomatida (Order)
        Neocheilostomatina (Suborder)
          Ascophora (Infraorder)
            Lepraliomorpha (Section)
              Celleporoidea (Superfamily)
                Phidoloporidae (Family)
                  Reteporella (Genus)
                    Reteporella beaniana (Species)
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