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Pagurus cuanensis

Bell, 1846

Fabio Russo Hairy hermit crab (Pagurus cuanensis) Nikon Coolpix 8400, iso 50, f 7,6, 1/60, +10 subsee macrolens, strobes ikelite ds 50 & Inon S2000 Night Dive In Sant'Agnello (Naples,Italy) Tirrenian Sea.

Annie Bodar j'adore c'est super merci

Fabio Russo Merci!!!

Fabio Russo forgot... 100% no crop here!!!

Message posted on Underwater Macro Photographers on 19 Nov 2013
Animalia (Kingdom)
  Arthropoda (Phylum)
    Crustacea (Subphylum)
      Malacostraca (Class)
        Eumalacostraca (Subclass)
          Eucarida (Superorder)
            Decapoda (Order)
              Pleocyemata (Suborder)
                Anomura (Infraorder)
                  Paguroidea (Superfamily)
                    Paguridae (Family)
                      Pagurus (Genus)
                        Pagurus cuanensis (Species)
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